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Hi Everyone - update

Hi, after months of feeling poorly and seeing one private endo. I went to see a different one and they have found I consistently have an elevated FT4 level with a normal TSH.

They have suggested this could be secondary hyperthyroidism and I require some more detailed bloods.

Has anyone else got this?

What is the treatment for it?

Finally pleased to be making progress with a diagnosis, but would love to hear other people's experiences.

Thank you so much.

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Hi swan29 what are your symptoms, my last bloods were tsh 0.22 t4 22.9 .


Hi, my symptoms have been weight loss, terrible sleep including night sweats, brittle hair, bulging eyes, anxious.

My ft4 was 23.2 with the range ending at 21. My tsh is 3.3.

What symptoms have you had?


From what I have been told on here your ft 4 is above range (as you probably knew) and your tsh looks high as well.

Have you been tested for Graves' disease I believe that can give you bulging eyes

I am not as knowledgeable as a lot of people on here and I am not medically trained, may I ask your age.

I have weight loss, hair loss, anxious panic, sweats all day, I have hashimotos autoimmune and am menopausal.

It's taken me years and years of suffering, and GPS chucking antidepressants at me ( which I never needed ) and I am still having test.

Repost all your results with ranges and hopefully someone will be able to help you more.

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Hi I am in my late thirties and like you have had anti depressants pushed my way and have been told I am depressed. I know I am not depressed just felt ill.

I was diagnosed with thyroid eye disease a couple of years ago but was told my tsh was normal, so did not receive any treatment.

However this year my eyes became worse and my symptoms were awful, I have never felt so ill.

I have had to battle to get to where I am now, but finally someone is recognising that something is amiss with my thyroid.

What tests are you having?


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