Hi everyone,advice needed on lack of sleep

I'm having real trouble sleeping at the moment as got alot of stress going on, husband in hospital after falling off loft ladder has fracture in back and chest infection and he's in alot of pain,also brother-in-law in hospital as has pneumonia and clot on lungs after breaking his ankle from fall from same loft ladder, I know!! don't ask!! It would be funny if you were watching it on telly.what with trying to help support my sister as she has acrophobia and can't get to hospital to see her husband and visiting my husband and obvious worry over both Its no wonder I can't sleep.has anyone any ideas on what I can do to help me relax so I can get some much needed sleep, thanks for taking time to read long post.

Regards. Linda

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Wow - what a problem and what serious problems your husband and brother-in-law have. It is a big worry which you can do without and I'm not surprised you cannot sleep as your adrenals will definitely be working overtime, so the excess cortisol may be preventing you sleeping.

Maybe when your husband begins to improve you will be able to sleep properly again. I am also sorry you have two people who've been badly injured and wish them a speedy recovery.

Has your sister had a full thyroid blood test? TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3 and thyroid antibodies. If not ask her doctor to do so or (if can afford it) a private home test from one of our recommended labs. Get a print-out with the ranges and put on a new post.

Hi Shaws thanks for replying I'm sure your right about the cortisol being high, I certainly feel stressed out. As for my sister I've said to her she should get tested for thyroid function and vitamin deficiency B12 especially,she has had problems mentally according to gp for most of her life and it runs in my family. After what l learned on here the last few months I think thyroid problems run in my family not mental but I think they think I'm the crazy one for thinking thisi lol

Many people have been incarcerated due to 'mental health' issues. It has been hypothyroidism.

Some people might not have had a blood test for thyroid hormones and others display unusual, seemingly, aberrations which may be deemed mental health. After all if doctors may only go by a symptom maybe not having taken a TSH which informs us only that it is rising, and don't realise that it is useless in diagnosing other problems or they don't know any clinical symptoms.

There is the classic case of myxedema madness = due to untreated hypothyroidism. Probably more common when not much was known about lack of T3. T3 is the only active thyroid hormone and our brain contains the most cells and the heart needs it to work efficiently.

B12 is essential for more things than we think. Vit D also. Both are pro-hormones rather than vitamins.

Low B12 can lead to dementia/alzeimers if the homocysteine level in our blood is high.

This is a post I did previously:-


Again, doctors will see we are o.k. if levels are in range but we need B12 towards the top of the range.

Hi Linda

I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through.

I know it

Sorry touched 'Reply' by mistake!!!

I know it's not going to be easy for you to do - but please make some 'me' time just now. Have a good meal, and try to switch off - just for a while. Concentrate on you.

If you come crashing down with exhaustion, whose going to be there to look after your husband, sister and brother-in-law?

Are you able to have a lie down on sofa or bed and get comfy with your feet up? Don't worry about time of day or what needs doing around the house.

I used to go for a lie down between visiting sessions during the day so I could cope with the evening visits when my husband was in hospital.

Thinking of you.




Thank you so much for your kind words, will try to have some rest and relax a bit before I go to see him this afternoon. I'm having a bit of a weepy day today due to lack of sleep and worry hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Thanks Linda



Sometimes I think we need a good cry.



Is there any chance you could do some yoga? I've just come out the other side of a week of insomnia. Stress related and pure hell. I have knocked caffeine in the head apart from 2 cups of tea the rest Decaff and I've been doing some yoga upon waking and burning some lavender oil. By day 3 I've been sleeping soundly despite the fact I've got a big challenge ahead of me I feel more able to cope. Best of luck cause it is dire to have no sleep. Be kind to yourself you're stronger than you think x

Hi jodypody thanks for replying,lm not very good at yoga my body can't get into those positions any more it's an age thing! My daughter teaches Ti chi for well being I think I should get her to give me some lessons as she says it helps to relax you.you are right about the coffee it's my go to thing when I need a pick you up, I did used to drink decaf version then I read somewhere that it's worse for you than the normal stuff due to the process it goes through to make it into decaf god knows if that's right cause you read so many things about food and drinks being bad for you it can be mind boggling good idea about the lavender oil I've heard that's very calming so will try that. I'm sure things will settle down once I know my husband and bother in law are on the mend.

It's good to get a few coping mechanisms under your belt I say. Tai Chi is really good

Hi sorry to hear what you are going being in similar situation families!! I tell you what I've found helpful lavender oil or candle put things in boxes in your head deal with what you need to deal with at that moment in time and leave the rest in a box in your head write down everything you have going on and priorities things I read when I go to bed as that's clears my mind with something else to focus on!! Hope you feel better soon xx

Hi sorry to hear you have problems too hope things get better soon.thanks for tips,am going out later to get myself a nice lavender candle hopefully it will help calm me down and it wil make the house smell nice too. I do read always got a book on the go and it helps take your mind off things for a while, just don't seem to handle stress as well as I did before having RAi, I get stressed out much quicker now.im so glad this forum is here it's been a real help and the people on here are so lovely and supportive

Linda x

Hi there, I can relate I went thru a similar situation last year with my father in the hospital. I literally went on auto pilot while my body shut down. I'm opposite with severely low cortisol. I actually had an adrenal crisis in the midst of it all and been dealing with severe insomnia for a super long time. I've realized that half of my problem is severely low ferritin due to being a vegetarian for 25 years. I recently started "eating" frozen liver. (There's alot of info online for frozen liver pills. ) It's super high in Vit B12. I take several ounces organic frozen liver and blend with an orange in a blender and it is not that bad at all. I found one of the best things for me while dealing with family members in medical crisis was to find "your place" you go to everyday. Mine was the beach. All the best for you and you're family's health.

Thanks savannah true, bought myself a lavender candle today I'm hoping this will help calm me got it burning at the moment.ive had ferritin tested recently and it's on the high side so I've had to stop eating liver which is a shame as I actually like it.wished I lived near a beach as I think listening to the sea would be very calming.thanks for replying.

Lavender is Wonderful. I've been doing alot of research on Ferritin. There's alot of great videos on Youtube (try Dr. Aaron Grossman & Dr. Mercola) I've also been reading about minerals like Copper (Morley Robbins & Copper Disregulation on Liveto110.com is great info. They say an epsom salt bath and magnesium gel applied to skin is best way to get manesium which can help alot with stress.

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