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Pernicious anaemia connection


I have had many thyroid symptoms for a while now but my tests keep coming back in the "normal" range. I also have a benign nodule on the right lobe.Recently I have had terrible heart palpitations that were cured when I took a multi vitamin /mineral tablet. I suspected iron deficiency but my doctor is thinking about something else but wants blood test results first. I think he's thinking of B12 deficiency dietary or pernicious anaemia. I know there is a connection with thyroid and pernicious anaemia. Does anyone have any experience of this so that I can be more aware when I go back for my blood test results?

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I have read that if we have an auto-immune condition there is a likelihood that we can get more than one.

My P.A was diagnosed many years ago, but I am now hypothyroid.


Thank you for getting back to me. That's it could be that the two are connected in my case if I am diagnosed with that.

Thank you


You are lucky to have a doctor that is thinking of this. Some of the symptoms are very similar to hypothyroidism and the conditions are often found together. You can get lots more info on PA, and what tests you need to be getting, from this link:

Please be aware that you can have a normal serum B12 result and still be deficient. It's not a very sensitive test. Also be aware that, like hypothyroidism, PA sufferers are also often low in folate, iron/ferritin and vitamin D, and underlying Coeliac Disease is also a possibility. All these things should be tested as well.



That is so interesting. if that's the case it would explain everything. I have a tendency to be low in iron and when taking cod liver oil for an arthritic knee it did nothing for my knee but did wonders for my depression and energy levels. I also stopped getting constant colds. I thought then that I must be naturally deficient. My only problem is that by the time I got tot he doctor I had taken about 5 multi/vit tablets before the blood test. I hope that this doesn't alter the true result too much.

Thank you for your input. It has really helped me feel more knowledgeable when I go back to the doctors for my results.


Probably wouldn't affect the B12 result, there's very little B12 in a standard multi-vit. If you've been taking high does sublinguals then that would affect it. Another thing to consider re the palpitations is low magnesium levels:


Yes - I took magnesium on its own first but nothing I'm afraid. I was surprised but when I took the multivit/min the effect was immediate. Such a relief!

I'm glad that the test shouldn't be affected too much. Thank you for reassuring me.


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