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Thyroid-S -Is it Genuine??


I recently purchased and received a Thyroid-S from one of the big shopping websites in the UK!

Anyway, I heard there might be an issue with this product ordered from this source. It may be fake? I've taken a look at it, the product and packaging, and compared it with pictures on the Internet and descriptions of the product on STTM and it looks legit to me. That said, I would like to see if I can get some feedback from other members here who have experience with Thyroid-S. how do we know if we have the real deal or not?

I'm a bit suspicious because of the relatively inexpensive price of £35 for 1000 pills.

Any thoughts on this topic?

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Firstly, let's be clear that the big shopping website are not themselves the supplier of this product. You will have bought it from a 'marketplace' seller. :)

Secondly, your question is a good one. How does one know if the product is genuine or fake? I personally asked a marketplace seller of this same product for further details. I did not get the answers I was looking for. The seller was quick to respond and polite enough, but my request for the list of ingredients and product expiry date was completely ignored. That makes me feel veery uncomfortable.


Hundreds of people are using this product. I have bought some myself and it seems fine. It is likely that it is being sold at something closer to the actual cost of production whereas the big names sell them at an inflated price. Some people are taking Thyroid-S and seem to be doing very well on it, while others don't - which, let's face it, is the same for any form of thyroid replacement. Some it suits, some it doesn't.

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That is a problem for Facebook refuseniks. And for those like me who might wish to read more in order to help others - I have no intention of taking any desiccated thyroid and would not say that I had just to be allowed in. Strikes me that an open discussion is a more potent weapon than closed groups.

I have a lot of sympathy for anelson411's position. It could be that the pot in her hand (I assume her on a statistical basis) is the first bad pot!

I do find the impossibility of getting an official and up-to-date ingredient list very odd and unsatisfactory. Which is NOT to criticise the product itself.



Although I'm sure your inout would be welcome there Rod, sometimes it's helpful to exchange ideas and experiences with others in exactly the same position without having to sift through posts and comments which don't apply and which one can't comment on or help with. Of all the hundreds of thyroid forums, groups and pages which are out there, I've found the most help here and on two Facebook pages, both of them closed.

I am interested that you would never consider NDT. Apart from the fact that you must be ok on synthetics, may I ask what your concerns are about it? I worry about animal products anyway, and what may be in them, even those in butchers shops and supermarket shelves, but then synthetics can also be considered unnatural for the body. I wish I didn't need to take anything and am slowly working towards that.

I agree about the secrecy surrounding ingredients in Thyroid-S, it makes no sense to me not to divulge ingredients unless that's part of the Thai mindset, I just don't know.


Think I worded that badly. "I have no intention of taking any desiccated thyroid" absolutely did not mean I never would, just that I have no current intention.

Apart from cost, I'd happily switch if I thought it the right thing for me to do. I do know the difference it can make to people.

For those who are sensitive to various ingredients, lack of clarity over what Thyroid-S contains makes even trying it a difficult step to take. And if they don't tell us in the first place, they could change the ingredients without warning and we'd never be able to track it down.


Oh I'm glad about that Rod, I thought perhaps you knew something about NDTs that I didn't!

I found taking Thyroid-S a huge step, having done well on Armour until it reformulated, then NatureThroid then ERFA, all made by known and 'reputable' pharmaceutical companies. In fact I found out with 3 months of good ERFA left that the new jar I had wasn't good, I was about to go abroad so had to order something quickly to arrive before I went and to start when I got back and the worry spoiled a lot of the trip for me. The main problem I'm now having with Thyroid-S is a subtle feeling of shakiness, which may be the meds or may simply be me worrying whenever I think about it :(

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It seems suspect. I would instead recommend you buy normal natural dessicated liver tabs.

I really do not understand why.

Also, did you perhaps miss that this is a two year old thread?

Heya, i hope you don't mind me messaging. How are you getting on and what are you taking now? I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto Hypothyroidism currently on levo for the past three weeks but would prefer something more natural.

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Rod, STTM have listed the ingredients of all NDT including Thyroid-S

I agree, it would be better if Sriprasit published the ingredients on their own website.


I think that the STTM listings make my point! There are TWO lists of ingredients!!!! Different to each other. One dated 08/09 (around five years ago), the other undated. Both potentially afflicted by imperfect typing/copying, changes by the company, etc.

List of ingredients should be on the product itself.

Bear in mind the discussions we have had here about Eltroxin/MP levothyroxine where the actual lists of ingredients were identical!


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I am researchung a good source for thyroid S. Anyone know please pm me. Thank you

I recommend you buy this dessicated liver tabs here

Hi, could you please send me the link for the facebook page, thank you

I have recently switched temporarily to Thyroid-S due to ERFA being problematic at the moment, I bought from a different source which I checked beforehand and found others who'd already bought from there, and I paid approx £35 for 250 tablets, however I have just checked on the site you bought from and it looks as if you bought direct from the pharmaceutical company. If so yours should be genuine and it would explain the low price you paid. Were they in a sealed jar with proper labelling?

If you want to find others buying from the same place you could join the Facebook page which marram mentions, I'm sure someone there could help you. The problem with buying like that is always whether or not you have a genuine product, I've had the same suspicions about the bad batch of ERFA which I have and so have several others about that particular issue.

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This product saved my life. The seller is well known to advocacy groups and is genuine. Saying that, I don't know if you bought from the right seller.

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Hi bluedaffodil could you pm me with details please

NDT has also saved my life. the reason for a closed group is quite simple? if NDT is discussed on an open forum? then people are hounded of "where do you buy it, where do you buy it" and the list goes on so you never actually get a reply to your question. I have even had people tell me I was going to die if I took it? I am allergic to levothyroxine, in fact I react badly to all synthetic hormones I have been given in life so far, birth control was a nightmare, a closed group means people can relax and chat, ask what questions they need without being hounded. you don't need to lie about taking it? you can enter any of the facebook thyroid groups and ask questions about it and any of the numerous people taking NDT will happily answer them.

There there is also the powers that be that I am sure would love to stop "items" from abroad coming into this country,

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This here is an unlocked site.

There is much talk of desiccated thyroid.

There is much reason to believe that some medics (and others) have come here (directly or through search engines) and read things. There is even the possibility that the responsible attitudes usually displayed here, plus the many positive stories, actually are helping to turn minds.

Yes, we see threads with many "PM me too" responses. But would we rather those who want to know are left to buy without on the internet without any help and guidance to keep them away from disreputable sharks? We have to accept that passing this information on is part of the deal of this sort of community. (But for anyone thinking of posting "PM me too", I suggest that you send a PM directly to the person you are asking! That avoids repetitive threads.)

I'd hope anyone saying "you are going to die from desiccated thyroid" would be reported to admins and HU and brought to book. It is unacceptable to hound anyone like that.



Mmmm. Comments like these contra Dess. Thyroid seem to be Govt. based!

Not sure what you mean by this comment.

Just in case, to clarify, Thyroid UK are an independent UK registered charitable company and not affiliated in any way with any government.

If you have further worries or queries please direct them to

Thank you



Nice to have finally found someone with gross sensitivities as myself. Am tired of my Dr responding with words, 'Oooh! You are sensitive.' I believe I am 'a bit harder to fathom out'.

Am looking outside this Thyroid square myself.

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I over react to a whole load of medication. I was waiting for spinal surgery and they could only give me 2.5ml of morphine every 4 hours. And on having a section for my son they nearly did severe damage as the spinal block over dosed for me. I think Dr's need to realise everyone is different.

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Those with concern about buying via third party sellers should contact thyroid s direct for info. Peter@<a thyroid site> is very helpful and will give all the information required to order direct.

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Peter is a reseller too. The manufacturers are very helpful, though, and you can buy direct, but payment is a bit more complex.

could you possibly give me more information privately please?

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I completely agree with you... but I am explaining mine and lots of other people's experience?

And let's face it? None of the people I know are Doctors lol. It's a very difficult situation when you recommend something unlicensed to someone? What if they follow exactly what your saying with no research of their own? Then what if something happens to that person and you have told them in a public area to take this? The recourse could be horrendous. Details given out in public lead to losing suppliers? If ever I chat to someone about the medication I take then it's via message. It has to be. But I also give a whole load of links to go and read up on from respected sites so they can make an informed decision.

I really wish it could be done in an open way... I believe so many people would benefit from this above Levo. But the world isn't always the place we wish it could be. Cest la Vie?


I get mine from <an internet supplier> backwards - really easy to order from, good price and came within a week. They've been working for me - I find I can alter my body temps by dose and I feel good on them so seem to be genuine.

They're small pills which are tan in colour and which have a sweet papaya type taste if taken sublingually. Mine came in a brown coloured glass bottle with a white metal top, some cotton wool inside it along with some kind of anti moisture sachet and containing 1,000 pills.

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Are they from <a supplier> [throid S ] and if so do they contain T4 ?

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Personally I am concerned about the potential for people posting on here pretending to be genuine but looking to get sellers shut down. Many of us rely on these sellers and would be ****** if they were shut down.


What exactly has been discussed here that would concern you? Do you feel that anyone involved in this conversation is interested in shutting down any sellers? The only thing I see is the exchange of useful information between people interested in their own health. I see nothing that would lead me to think there are any other motives involved here, who why would you mention this in the conversation?

Anelson, Members who identify the names of sites which supply prescription only hormone on an open forum not only breach posting guidelines but make it easy to identify the sellers and possibly have them shut down.

Losing such sources is a matter of grave concern to any member who has to self-medicate to get the type of hormone replacement they need.


Excellent conversation everyone! Thank you so much for your input. I've learned a lot from this and feel I have some very good directions to follow moving forward. Cheers

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After doing quite a lot of researching suppliers on this matter, I just wanted to add that ordering from the manufacturers direct means the meds are nearly half the price of another reputable supplier. Just saying!

But if two people were to buddy up and order two bottles, the saving to each person would be half the import duty. The import duty for either one bottle or for two is the same - and it amounts to half the cost of one bottle of 1000 tablets; in other words, ordering one bottle increases the cost through import duty by 50%.

However, I realise that you would want to make sure that the other person is as known to you on this site as possible, so the suggestion might be impracticable - don't know what anyone else thinks?


for all the people I know who have ordered thyroid-s? they have never been charged import duty

I think its illegal to supply this within the UK without prescription? (I think there is a loophole from another country) so if you purchased 2 bottles and sent one to another person? it is possible you could be committing a criminal offence (just how I view it, might not be completely correct)

Oh, I see this is an older post - no, we have found the legitimate supplier - the manufacturer, and it is not illegal to purchase it or to use it. GPs won't prescribe it because of political shenanigans - it is a long and complicated issue ... I'm sure you can track all the convolutions on this site and on Thyroid UK. But good luck - it's a helluva story!!

Nope, I'm glad to say you are quite wrong. Thanks for your concern, anyway!

without knowing the ingredients and the name of supplier there really is no way of knowing but the low cast for so many would definitely trow a red flag up to me!

I just got my product from the <site> - the packaging is NOT the same as the legit product which i got over the counter from a pharmacy in Thailand. I have posted a separate new thread about this. Unless Sriprasit has changed packaging i would say something is up

Could you link to an image which shows the correct packaging please.

the green box with white text is genuine. I don't know about the other one, the mainly white box

I get my Thyroid-S direct from the manufacturer and have had many email convos with a chap who is the 'face' of the company for many of us. He is always very good at replying to emails...except in this case. I emailed to bring the <a source> listing to his attention, specifically because any complex questions were being deflected and people were being advised to contact him. The <site> site is selling them for half the price I usually pay, so I was instantly suspicious. I have yet to receive a reply from him, which is strange. Maybe my email didn't get through?

Just to reassure people about the red and white/green and white packaging, I've received both, direct from the manufacturer. The last few times have been red and white.

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Hi. Would you be able to send me a link to a trusted support please? X

I have tried the other Thai product, Thiroyd, with excellent results. It works just as well, if not better, than Erfa thyroid for which I pay ca 1200 € a year (+/- 850£) at a Belgian pharmacy...

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Is this the same as armour ?

Is this NDT?

I haven't read the whole thread, but I can tell the last two questioners that when I first started buying Thyroid-S 15 years ago it was said to be a copy of Armour, but it is not the same. In any case Armour has since been reformulated at least twice to my knowledge. It is NDT, and I personally have had no problem with it, in fact without it I would be dead by now, either from lack of thyroid hormone, or more likely I would have topped myself! Some folk find the fillers cause problems. Some find Thiroid better, but I found it less potent.

I have bought from <shopping> sellers, from <auction> sellers, from specialist NDT sellers in Thailand and many moons ago from big (but probably slightly shady) pharmaceutical websites based in the USA at much higher prices. Currently I buy from someone I originally bought from off the marketplace, but he got thrown off, as they all do eventually, and so I deal direct. I have contact details for the manufacturer but was told that one had to send the money via Western Union, whereas I can pay my man via Paypal. I am happy to share my contacts with anyone who has been in this group and posting for a while.

Thyroid S comes in a brown glass bottle with a metal cap if you buy 1,000. This bottle is usually in a white box with red and black printing on it, and that in turn is cellophane wrapped. The tablets themselves are a light brown biscuit colour. If you split one you will see it has a thin coating that occasionally tears slightly as you split the tablet. The inside of the tablet is white. Its would be quite difficult to copy. Thiroid is a white tablet, which comes in a plastic pot. Much easier to counterfeit but mine came from a solid gold supplier so I don't doubt its origins.


Please excuse my lack of knowledge, but what are these products? Are they other brands of NDT, or synthetic combo treatments of T4 and T3? I'm just curious for my own knowledge and treatment.

Hi Ruthi just read your post and wondered if you could let me know where the best place to buy thyroid s from .I have tried so many things that haven't worked that have cost lots of money.I just want to make sure that what I buy is genuine .I would really appreciate your help Thankyou 😊

Kathmax, I can't see any of your blood results since you started treatment. But it looks as if your diet might be a bit limited, and so before you start adding thyroid hormones it is a good idea to test your B12, D, folate and ferritin. If any of those are off you could simply not be processing your T4 very well.

It really is a good idea to know where you are starting from, anyway.

Hi Ruth I know this is an old thread but could you email me the details at <email address removed> please, thanks

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Hello Ruthi, I was happy with my first NDT supply via the <a previous supplier> 18 months ago. It was Thiroid from Thialand. However trying to re order I received an email back from a man Nat ...... Sat .... saying no longer possible to order through direct payment channels with instructions on how to order via Western Union. Are you able to verify. Apologies I don't expect you to be an expert. Would you please be able to share the contacts of the suppliers you mentioned. I am very grateful as I have left it a few more weeks now and running very low on my tablets.

It seems so crazy in this modern world that this is the method of obtaining a natural product??? Previously I have been on T4 and T3 neither of which helped.

Hoping to hear back from you. Thanks

Email <email address>

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It is certainly true that all the Paypal options seem to have been closed down. If you were happy with him before, why would you not deal with him now? Is this the 'Honest Guy'?

I can remember a time when it cost me over £100 for a bottle, and I was paying via WU. So around £40 nowadays seems a small amount to risk!!

I'm on them they're great, no side effects and feeling much better

Mojo where did you buy yours from I am interested in them but just need to make sure they are genuine

Hi  if the details you hold are still valid could you please share them with me. I have just ordered some from a common source but remain concerned whether they will be genuine. I am brand new to NDT and chose my source as I wished to use Paypal and others required online banking which I don't have or want. Thank you

I seem to have missed some requests for information. Just PM me if you still need details

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I ordered thiroyd from the same website and the same company that sell the thyroid S. I've been taking it over 12 months now and it's got my t4 and t3 levels right up so isn't fake.

HI Where did you order from ive been taking SPS thyroid -s for a few yrs but am struggling to find where to now buy from. thanks in advance

This information cannot be posted on the main forum, so anyone wishing to reply must do so by private message.

If you receive a private message, you will be notified by email, and you will also see a red blob next to your username at the top of the screen.

You will need to be prepared to investigate other payment methods because neither credit card companies nor PayPal will allow their payment facilities to be used to pay for prescription medicines.

Hi! Which company do you get yours from? I'm new to this 😊



In this thread you have, unfortunately, responded to a member who has left.

It is an old thread and it is quite likely that no-one will notice your response here.

I suggest that you post your own, brand new post. Ask for Private Messages as our guidelines do not allow links to suppliers to be posted on the forum.

The more information your give about yourself, the more likely you are to get good answers.

24. Do not post advertisements, links or information of any sort whatsoever, on where or how to obtain UK prescription only medications without prescription. This includes online pharmacies who issue 'prescriptions' on the basis of the completion of a simple health questionnaire.

As this thread is mostly a specific issue about Thyroid S supplier(s) and is now three years old, it has little relevance today. For that reason, the thread is being closed to replies.

If you want to know current information about suppliers, post a brand new post.

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