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Feel stupid

After reading your posts I never ask my doctor what my t3 or t4 levels are I go in there really upset as I feel so poorly I was overactivethyroid for three years in May last year I was diagnose with breast cancer had chemo for 6 months found thyroid had corrected itself came back in January with vengeance in May this year had iodine my god thought chemo was bad piece of cake compared to iodine it's know November and thyroid still no better I am under active know never felt so poorly feel let down by my encologist and dr as when I go to see them feel like hypocondriac all they say is it's your thyroid feel as though it has taken over my life I am constipated look like 10 months pregnant breathless can't even walk up the stairs without having rest half way up throats on fire bloated top it all dr says it's graves diesese hang on there what's that ? Please help need advice like what should my levels be? What questions should I ask dr?

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Hello Sam - no need to feel stupid at all... that's just doc talk....

You've been through the mill - and docs should be explaining things to you - sadly they don't bother... they tend to talk over us mere mortals!

I can't say I know anything about hyper (yet had hyper symptoms before my dodgy nodule was discovered) & half was taken out so now I'm just hypo and pretty harmless really....

You could ask Doc for associated vitamin/mineral testing - these tend to be depleted after all this hassle...

iron ferritin folate & B12 and my fav Vit D (more than a vit) just for starters - take no prisoners! or no for an answer, please read up & start taking control of YOUR health.... J :D xx


Thank you for replying I had blood test three weeks ago it showed my bit c and vit d were very low they have started me on colecalciferol tablet I am on 100 mcg thyroxine a day also 20 mg of tomoxifen I read on here to take thyroxine first thing in am then 2 hours later take vit d why do I need to leave gap ?


SamSam, food/drink, supplements and other medication can bind with Levothyroxine and stop it being absorbed properly. Take your Levothyroxine with a full glass of water on an empty stomach one hour before or two hours after food and drink, two hours away from other medication and supplements and four hours away from vitamin D3, calcium, iron and oestrogen.

You can take Levothyroxine any time of day/bedtime if it makes it easier to fit around other medication.

You don't need to feel stupid about not having your results. Most of us believe our doctors when they tell us results are 'normal' and it's only when investigating why we still feel lousy that we find out there is a world of difference between normal and optimal.

Ask your GP receptionist or practice manager for a printout of your recent thyroid results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) and post them in a new question if you want members to advise whether you are optimally medicated.


Good that you've been told anyway- many aren't. Thyroxine needs to be taken with water only - as taking it with breakfast inc milk or other medication can stop it working - it binds to transport proteins in the blood... so won't get where it's needed!

I've not seen a Vit C test - I thought everyone drank orange juice now... it helps absorb iron.

Yet Vit D IS important (sunshine) - if you've aches & pains you will see a difference - may take 3 months or so - but tablets didn't work for me - drops did - now I have a spray (even quicker!) J :D


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