iodine(urine test)

hi guys/girls, i just received my iodine test back from genova, but cant make out what it means, it doesnt really say anything on it,

my letter says (below)

reference range 100-199

and my results say <20 L

would anyone mind if i emailed them a diagram of how genova tests look? may be easier to explain my result if you can actually see what the tests look like,

im thinking the L may mean low iodine? thats what my brother thinks, im not really sure what iodine is all about, but if you have low iodine that doesnt seem like a good thing, i took some tablets from holland and barretts, sea kelp ones a few months back, without looking into them first, and i have never felt so poorly in my life, made all my normal symptoms ten times worse, wont be doing that again, i learnt a big lesson there. any comments will be good, as i feel abit lost with my lack of knowledge on the iodine thing,

have a great easter everybody! keep smiling! :)


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  • Does your report look like this:

    But with <20 where it says 68 on that link?


  • hi, thanks for your reply, and yeah it says <20 were it says 68 L on your link


  • How much iodine was in the sea kelp tablets you took? And, of course, how many a day?

    Are you taking any thyroid hormone at all?


    i was taking these ones

  • Hi Dan, i'm sending back my iodine urine test on tuesday. Do you have hashimoto's? I do, and if my test comes back low like yours, i think i'm going to start supplementing with lugol's.

  • I assume that you have read my very recent blog:

    I commend you for getting tested. But be careful.


  • hi buggles, thanks for your reply, did you go with genova too? im not sure i think i may have, i have all the symptoms, every single one pretty much, so now this has come back low its kind of makes me think i may have, what is lugols? is it like a iodine replacement? you will have to post your results so we can compare them, looking at mine would you say thats low?

    have you got hasimotos? 600 questions sorry lol

  • PM me your number and i can give you a call later if you like...........typing too much does my nut in! lol

  • yeah will do buggles,

  • hi rod, sorry just saw your message, i was taking 15 my tablets, they really didnt do a thing for me, i felt as though i was disrupting my body in some way, and after 4 days i had to come off them, just about to read your blog now, oh i was taking one a day, but foolishly started taking two on the second day, no not taking any thyroid hormones either, should i be? i am in the process of going private as my gp says i am just depressed hes a nightmare to be honest, what should i ask to get tested for? i had a few thyroid tests over time, so i will post them on and if you get time later you can maybe have a look? see what you make of them, be careful with tablets and things like that you mean?


  • thank you for that rod, just read the blog, am so glad i read that before i stocked up on multi vits online, which i was just about to do later, not now though, thanks very important information :)


  • Hi Danny

    I posted a reply on Rods blog about suppliments. I too was taking Holland and Barretts sea kelp 15mcg. I was taking 3x daily. Please re-read it again as i posted yesterday and perhaps after you read original post. Hope it helps to understand how detrimental sea kelp can be on ones health. :-)


  • hi wendy thanks for the info :) was very helpful

    Dan :)

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