I feel low low low

Feel so down today . It's a beautiful day out there and I'm sitting here in my bedroom feeling absolutely grim . I feel as though I've lost all my mojo and my whole being is full of sadness . I can't motivate myself to do anything - it's as though my energy levels have totally drained away . I saw my dr last Friday and she wanted to prescribe anti depressants but I am really not keen .now I am beginning to wonder if I should take them .  Thyroid wise my levels are 'normal' though my neck feels slightly  swollen and 'glandy' . 

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  • hi. i don't have any advice as this is my first post but i feel exactly the same way. i just wanted to say thanks. you are not alone and neither am i. don't give up!

  • Thank you Hemingway Jr. I feel like I'm being so self centred and I can tell that my other half thinks I should just 'snap out of it' if only it was that easy !

  • You're not being self centred at all and if only 'snapping out of it' were that easy!! What tests have you had? Have you posted any results on here for opinions? I am feeling better mood wise since taking NDT but am still having a tired day today and everything aches. Getting out in the sun really does help though as vitamin D can lift your mood and help any aches and pains. I am learning that when I am having a bad day I shouldn't feel guilty but instead have a break and be kinder to myself. If your other half is unsympathetic let them read some of the posts on here so they realise just how difficult it is having thyroid problems!!

  • If you could afford it - (I am going to one day)- you could get a blue horizon proper thyroid test-? Or another hormone test - mood and energy can be so interlinked with the endrocrine system and nutrition levels etc.

    If your neck feels glandy you might just be coming down with something.

    I struggle so much with ups and downs - its such a beautiful day but I'm stuck inside revising for finals which blows. You are 100% not alone. Why not go for a walk with an ipod? Or close the curtains, shut out the stupid beautiful day and just watch a funny movie :)  Or socialise! X

  • Maybe consider getting a saliva adrenal test from Red Apple Clinic..? Costs about £90-100

  • I know how you feel.  I would urge you to sit outside in the sun if you can manage it; 1. it'll improve your seratonin levels and 2. your vit d levels - which will make youfeel a tad better.

    Just sit quietly outside, warm those bones up :)

    I don't know about antidepressants.  I read in a book about "normal" thyroid levels but still highly symptomatic that low levels of seratonin are another thing that needs addressing to make us feel optimal and better.

    Short term atidepressants may be the route to take.  I think the problem with ADs is that it's a reflex action for GPs to prescribe them for anything, however, that doesn't mean to say that they should be dismissed.

  • Thanks primrose star I finally dragged myself out for a walk in the evening and did feel better . 

  • I'm in such good form my other half left the house! : P

  • Not permanently I hope ! 

  • aerbook.com/books/A_Mind_of...

    Go to Kelly Brogans website and sign up for her Newsletters - such a wise lady and will help you to stay away from AD's.

    Wishing you strength and wellness :-)

  • Never take a doctor's word for thyroid test results being normal.  Ask for a print out of the results.  I'd take bets they haven't even done all the tests.  Once you've seen the results, you can ask for any that have been omitted.

    At the very minimum you should have TSH, FT4, FT3 (they will try to refuse to do this one), thyroid antibodies, iron, ferritin, folate, Vit D and Vit B12.

    Doctors aren't taught how to interpret the results - they simply rely on the lab printing "normal, no action" on them.  Optimal is not the same as in range, and the range is NOT called the "normal" range, despite what your doctor might tell you.  It is correctly termed the reference range.  In fact, it is the 95 percentile range - ie the range that covers 95% of the population. It tells you nothing about where in that range you, as an individual, become symptomatic.

  • Aww sorry ... I am same ... Been in bed too ...can't eat either .. Not sure anymore what is matter with me !!! Everyone days adrenals , lost loads weight and no appetite xx

  • Sorry to hear you're feeling the same but it's good to know I'm not alone . I seem to feel better towards the evening but only slightly  . I hate feeling sorry for myself but if I look at it as being kind to myself instead it doesn't seem so bad

  • Same here

  • I can't advise much as I am still dragging myself out of bed these days, and I've never taken ADs despite being offered them - but I once got a very good piece of advice from my stepmother that has helped me deal with a lot of things over the years.

    Think back to something you did that made you instantly happy and was rewarding for your soul, however long ago that was. Was it sitting undisturbed reading a book, was it getting a massage, or a manicure, or going for a walk with the dog, or simply eating hot cross buns with butter, drinking tea and reading the newspaper quietly (this is mine!). Don't think too much about it, don't over-analysis or worry about what comes next, or what you should be doing instead. Just do that one thing today. Release yourself from any guilt, expectation or plans before, during and after, focus on the activity and how it makes you feel. And as for your other half - explain you're taking action to improve your mood and ask them to support you.

    Its all a form of mindfulness, and I don't know much more about it, but this trick has worked for me many times when the days have been dark. I hope you're feeling better soon.    

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