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Peroxidase antibodies - can anyone help

After being diagnosed with hypothyroidism this year I urged by younger sister to go get tested even tho she is not really symptomatic. Her TSH has come back slightly elevated 8.05 (0.35-5.0) and her ft4 ok. However what has surprised us is the level of her antibodies at 501 (0-60). I thought mine was high at 117. Can anyone advise what this level actually means? She has her GP follow up appt next week.

Thanks for any advice

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In the same boat but my older sister. TSH 11 and ft4 low end of normal. Waiting for TPO test but mine were in the 700's.


It is a condition that creeps up on you - Hashimotos that is. I was 59 by the time I was diagnosed and lots had gone wrong :-) Now 9 years later things are looking good !

It is better to have an early diagnosis so you can start to put things right. Click onto Hashimotos under Topics to the right of this page and you will be able to read so many experiences. There is an Auto-immune Summit from the States running on-line at the moment. A good place to start :-)


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