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Consultant advice

Hi, I've seen posts about consultants in the past and I have an appointment to see an endo at a thyroid clinic at the end of Nov.

I've been researching combo t4 and t3 and have the Dr Toft book and just ordered the recovering with t3 book.

My case is complicated by Sertraline which I was given following my last severe dip which really affected my brain. My Tsh was 0.1 and t4 22 but the mental stress and confusion remained and I couldn't sleep. (Also had an 8 month old) The Sertraline did really help, but I've now found it really affects how thyroxine is absorbed (listed in toft book).

I've had a year of slowly disintegrating with tshs of 1.6 and latterly 2.6 (but stupidly forgot to get it tested in the morning, mainly as have tiddler in tow) and body issues so severe that I've questioned Ms! I'm slim and a little hypermobile and work with Sen children who are very strong. Opening doors caused terrible tendonitis for example.

I don't know if I want to come off the sert BUT I don't know if t3 would really help as well. But my body is failing. (Mind foggy but sert is helping the depression)

So I'll be explaining this to endo.

I know a consultant at the hospital does use combo therapy but he's not the one I'm seeing. I suspected I'm seeing a new one as I can't find any information about him.

Who do I pm to find out?


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Sorry not able to help you with the appointment - I live in Crete and am out of touch with the UK :-)

Was just wondering how your B12 levels are ? - reading your other symptoms made me think. How are your levels of Ferritin - Folate - B12 - VitD - Iron. All need to be optimal for you to feel well and for good conversion of T4 into the Active T3. Just being in range is not good sure you know all this :-)


Isn't is standard NHS practice that you can see the doctor/consultant of your choice?


No idea! It's the first time I've been referred.

I'm going to have faith though as I've noted he works closely with an endo who seems positive about t3/4 combo stuff.


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