LDN - has anyone here used it?

Hi Everyone....Remember me? I am the one on 360-450 mcg of T3 and still severely hypo.

So I came across an article on Lyme disease; it stated that the inflammation caused by Lyme's can block or downregulate T3 receptors. Not saying that I have Lyme (although it has been suggested that I check) but rather I wonder if I have a high degree of inflammation (due to extremely high cortisol when this all started). And based on that if anyone knows anything about LDN (naltrexone) and its ability to down regulate inflammatory cytokines. Thanks. I know that I am grasping at straws here but wonder if it may be worth a shot.

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  • there is a facebook user group. I am considering ldn myself but dont know if i can be doing with the hassle of getting hold of it without script, as I don't want to pay more than necessary

  • there is good feedback for hashi. I am not hashi but cellular resistant. I am on the FB group for LDN for thyroid patients.

  • Suzzanai, some info in this link honestmedicine.com/

  • I tried it for ME/Hashis and it didn't appear to do anything. But it did clear up some arthritis.

  • LDN wouldn't hurt. You need to find out why you are Thyroid Hormone Resistant. There are many causes and need to be ruled out. You may not have elevated Cytokines.

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