Low Dose Naltroxene - LDN

Does anyone on here take LDN. Does your doctor prescribe it? Im seeing lots of good reports about it for high antibodies which I have. I am in alot of pain most of the time and I wonder if I should ask my doctor for it. I also worry that high antibodies will cause me to get another autoimmune disease. I already have hypothyroidism, my aunt has it plus coeliac disease, my daughter has type diabetes. Autoimmune diseases are rife and I worry what else I might get.

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One of our members MaryF knows quite a bit about LDN and maybe you could message her:


I have taken LDN for fibromyalgia and lichen sclerosis for almost 4 months now. Prescribed by a pain doctor, my GP referred me to.

I have had improvement in pain level, fatigue, sleep quality and mood. My lichen sclerosis is healing, which is amazing.

My sister has taken it for 3 months. Her chronic condition of years of serious constipation has normalized.

My daughter in law has taken it for one month and it has helped her muscle and joint pain and given her much more energi.

My brother in law is just starting now for a bad eczema and I'm looking forward to seeing how he will improve.

It's an amazing drug!

I'm in various fb groups of LDN users and I read daily reports of benefits. Many Hashimotos suffered get help and their antibodies drop. Many can stop thyroid medication after some time.

It's definitely worth trying!!!

Do all these people you refer to get it from their GP or do they self medicate?

Pain doctor but a GP can prescribe it if he wanted.

I tried it and, sadly, it did nothing whatsoever for me.

How long time did you take it? Some have effect only after months to over a year.

I took it religiously for six months. I didn't feel the slightest improvement and my tpo antibodies didn't budge from >1000.

Sometimes LDN is not an only solution and one must combine with fx diet (no grains etc)

But LDN can still do something good for you even you didn't feel it. Did you try to alter the dose? Go up or down?


Should be lots of information on the above link - there's also a Newsletter.

I take it. There is modest improvement in my antibody levels after three months. It disrupted my sleep for a while but that seems better now. I'll have blood work done next month so will know if it continues to bring antibodies down or not. My doctor prescribed it. She has been encouraging me to be gluten free, but so far I haven't worked up the resolve.

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