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Latest results leave me scratching my head?

Can anyone offer their expertise on my latest thyroid profile TSH 0.99, T4 19.1 and T3 3.8. Not sure whet the parameters are at this stage. I was feeling much better until Monday and all of a sudden all the old thyroid symptoms are back. My last TSH was 1.7 3 months ago. Currently taking 87.5 mcg 5 days a week and 75mcg 2days a week. Should my T3 ideally be higher than this?

Any advice would be appreciated as really can't figure out what to do. Endo was crap!

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Not easy to say without the ranges but FT3 looks on the low side. I had similar results and decided that I was either not converting well or not getting the stuff in the cells so upped and increased my supplements. I gradually started to feel much better and my last results on the same meds suggest I am now going hyper so just trying a slightly lesser dose. It worked for me but I know I don't have a good diet due to food allergies etc


As silverfox7 says it's hard to say without a range. My last results were similar to yours except my TSH was slightly below range. My T3 was also 3.8 and to me it seems low. I previously felt much better when it was 4.8. My GP thinks it is fine and tested for other things. My ferritin is extremely low which causes almost identical symptoms. It might be worth getting that checked. I'm currently taking ferrous fumarate and have started to see a very slight improvement. I've got a blood test next week and suspect I'll need to keep taking it for a while longer. I think I need to sort that out before pushing for further thyroid med changes as I have read that poor iron levels interfere with conversion to T3. Getting my iron levels up could therefore also improve my T3.


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