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Hairloss shampoo Nizoral

I can't find the post but someone had written about a shampoo called Nizoral. I bought it but haven't used it yet.

The instructions say to use it every 3 days but I don't know if your hair has to be washed in between those times or not... Because my hair is even thinner all over now I only wash it about every 3 or 4 days.

Thanks in advance

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Thank you Shaws, it didn't specify if you washed it out or not between washes and I wasn't very sure. I know now. Cheers


I have amended my reply but it wouldn't let me so I have copied and pasted it below:

You are correct, you use it every 3 days. You shampoo (you don't need too much) first and rinse off. then put more on and leave for 3to 5 minutes (no more) then rinse off thoroughly. You don't need to shampoo your hair in between but you can if you want.

I was told to use it for one month only so I marked it up in my Calendar and it did help a lot. I hope you have success. If I think my scalp is getting irritated, I shampoo with it only once in a while. I use a normal shampoo after treatment with Nizrol. You can buy 1% over the counter or 2% with prescription.



Why didn't I think to google it. Thanks again.


It is supposed to prevent aromatization of testosterone to DHT. 20-30 years ago lots of body builders used it to try to prevent hair loss. Hard to say if it worked as it's not possible to know how fast their hair would have disappeared without it. Most of them ended up with shaved heads in the end. It's a good anti-dandruff shampoo in any case.


I have bought it so will use it next time I wash my hair. Thanks


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