Thyroid and Hairloss

Hi everyone. This is my first post so I'll TRY and keep it short. I've had an uat for 5 years. In April my dose was increased to 100mg of levo. The most recent symptoms are hairloss and premature white hair! I noticed one white hair in nov now I at least 30% white. The hairloss I experience is scaring me really bad. I actually counted the other day when I washed my hair and I had lost 427 hairs that's not including what went down the drain or what had feel out during the day (which was also a lot) I've researched a lot and feel like I am at my wits end 😞 any help here ?

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  • Hi Stacy. A while ago I posted an article about zinc deficiency and hair loss. Check your diet for zinc and copper sources. Also get your ferritin level checked. Your iron may be low. When you increase the thyoxine dose you increase metabolism. If there are deficiencies, then they will manifest.

  • I have had my ferritin checked and it is ok at 83. Although my b12 is kinda low at 347

  • Stacey, do a google search on foods high in zinc and foods high in copper. See if you are consuming any of these on a regular basis.

    If you find that these foods are not in your diet, then look for a supplement that contains both. Don't take high doses of zinc because it can be toxic.

  • I'm scared of taking vits & mins in case I od lol. I'm a scardy! I bought better you b12 spray yesterday to try

  • As I suggested, a dietary analysis may provide you with information you need to get your hair to stop falling out.

  • Levo has a side effect of hairloss. Hypothyroidism and autoimmune disease cause hairloss too...and white hair. It happened to me and improved once off of t4 containing meds, but will flare up when i have a hashi's flare.

  • What meds are you on now faith?

  • i am on t3 only. I don't feel great because of autoimmune symptoms, but my hair is thick anyway.

  • See I don't know if I'm losin hair and things because of my thyroid problems or the meds because it's a side effect. Confusing for me lol

  • if you have other symptoms, besides that and, that will be a good indicator.

  • I have..Constant migrains, dizziness, lightheaded, irregular/heavy periods, infertility, no energy, lack of sleep, feeling like I'm in a dream, rapidly multiplying premature grey hair, hair loss, cold, weight gain, pale dry skin in patches, stys, sore muscles, lump in throat, brittle nails, eyelashes fall out, blurry eyesight, mood swings, lost libido, weakness, chest pain, palpitations. I know that's a lot lol and I'm sure there's more I can't think of right now.

  • Pernicious Anaemia also causes hair loss and premature greying. I have suffered from it undiagnosed for years, my hair is half as thick as it was and is now white while my older sisters only have a handful of grey :( A few months back it started falling out at an even more alarming rate. After reading something on the internet which I related to a lot, I started B12 injections which halted the shedding almost immediately and regular B12 injections and vitamin supplements have made it grow back.

    A lot of people with hypothyroidism also suffer from Pernicious Anaemia due to lack of absorption from the diet.

    I started taking the supplements in the following article and it has deffo helped grow my hair back and the B12 injections stopped it falling out:

  • I did have other blood tests a couple of weeks ago and although my b12 is in range at 347 it is still on the lower side

  • That does sound low Stacey, though I'm not sure blood levels are relevant if you're not getting it at a cellular level anyway.

  • Sorry I don't know what cellular levels mean? Lol

  • lol :D I'm not sure either but I assumed it meant that you're not actually getting it into the cells where it's needed, for some reason. My GP was woefully negligent and clueless with me over the years so I pretty much stopped going several years ago now. I've recently started treating myself with B12 injections but hopefully you won't need to or if you do, hopefully your doctor is a little more clued up.

  • Hi Stacy,

    I am so familiar with your symptoms, I'm 55 now but I now know with hindsight, I've suffered with thyroid problems since my late teens, only diagnosed & treated when I was 32 in the last 5 years I was diagnosed pernicious anaemic now on B12 every 8 weeks, I have frontal fibrosing alopecia so have lost my eyebrows & my hairline is receding fortunately not at an alarming rate but I am losing hair daily, especially on washing but my hair can just fall out at any time, I find it embarrassing & frustrating when I'm cooking a meal for others I wear a hairband, hair in a bunch & a skip cap & still hair gets in the food I'm fortunate that everyone understands but I feel mortified, I see emjaytee says there hair loss stopped when they got B12 injections, this has not been the case for me obviously things are different for everyone. With regards to the fertility, I had problems conceiving (no children) but you are young enough to get help & things are available now that wasn't available in my child raring days hope you get everything sorted lots of love & health in your future xx

  • I've actually got bald patches coming right on my hairline too. Kind of receding! I'm so scared and I don't think the docs will do anything because my blood is ok and they only deal with what the numbers say. It's scary. With fertility I only have one IVF left so I'm trying to sortyself out before going ahead with it. Fingers crossed

  • Hi Stacy, I gave a long reply & mentioned fertility in it, I apologise I had another persons question in mind & mixed two replies in one, I will blame fibro fog xx

  • Lol don't worry about it

  • Hi Stacy, i was fortunate at the time of my frontal hair loss, i was attending dermatology for contact alergies fingers skin dry & blisteres & breaks i said my scalp was itchy was that part of contact alergies to be told could have slight influence but referred me to alopecia clinic i also have lichen planus of forehead & scalp so still having investigation into it all. One thing you should check, which i was unaware was happening with my hair loss, is the wee fair hairs on your arms & thighs in hindsight my fine fair hairs had disappeared without my knowing all part of the alopecia, when i only had to use hair removel products on my lower legs about 4 times a year, i put it down to the thyroid which is not totally to blame so just another thing on your checking list in the morning lol 😂😂😂 xx

  • What u mean check those little hairs r still there ? I think mines are

  • It's just that mine over time disappeared without my noticing just another symptom of hairloss xx

  • Hi Stacy I noticed hair loss at the front of my head, I now take zinc & iron tablets and I try to drink green tea, I got the advice from a book on hairloss related to thyroid. If u want me to find the book to tell you the name let he know. A few months after following this regime, my hair is once more thicker, may not be as thick as before but it doesn't get me down anymore. Vicky x

  • did you hair loss sstop after taking zinc and iron and what type of iron did you take..

  • I just took normal iron & zinc tablets from Holland and Barratt and tried to drink green tea but probably didn't drink enough to make any difference. I didn't have a lot of hair loss, I just noticed my fringe had got quite sparce and was making me feel down. After taking the tablets after a few months, I noticed that my fringe had got thicker. x

  • Also you have many symptoms like me, Levithyroxine is not working for me I know of people who are taking the pig thyroxine called armoire and it has changed their lives. But it isn't easy to get prescribed especially in Wales where I live. So I'm going to see a specialist doctor in August called Dr Petefield in August, hoping he's a miracle worker! He has clinics in different parts of the UK but not easy to get an appointment because he's so popular.

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