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Hi there,

I have currently taken Radioactive Iodine in September and unfourtunately I did go Underactive with my thyroid like they said was a possibility. I have been called back in to the doctors about 2 weeks a go because of my levels being borderline for Hypothyroidism and he told me and is having me wait until I go back to the hospital before risking me on anything. Meanwhile I have been getting worse, my hair gets dull, I get very tired, my hair falls out and I can feel very grumpy and unwell some days. Is this normal before I'm sorted. I feel like Jekyll and Hyde and I hate it when I get moody with people.

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  • Abmonster, can you post your results with the lab ref ranges as it helps members to comment and advise. How far off is your hospital appointment?

  • It's a week from tomorrow. I haven't got a blood test til Monday, I overslept when I was going to ring the doctors up.

  • Ab, Not too long then, but I know it feels like forever when you're feeling unwell. Ask for your ferritin, vitD, B12 and folate to be tested too.

  • They were tested and were fine.

  • Why are you going back to the hospital? Is this some sort of follow up to your RAI treatment?

  • Yes, that's why. They were going to have a follow up anyway.

  • Ah. Sadly your symptoms are, indeed, common before you're sorted. Let us hope either hospital or doc gets you started on some thyroxine. You've actually gone hypo very quickly.

    I daresay that this invasion of your glandular system has also left your Adrenal glands in a sorry state. It will do no harm and may do much good to supplement those. The medicos won't be interested in them and that supplement won't skew a blood test. Depleted Adrenals will magnify how poorly you're feeling.

    I hope they get you sorted out real soon.

    Feel better

  • Thanks

  • My results from the paper were something like TSH4 9.9, TSH3 2?, TSH2 2.75. Not sure about TSH1.

  • My results from the paper were something like TSH4 9.9, TSH3 2?, TSH2 2.75. Not sure about TSH1.

  • And I forgot to say. I'm so shattered as I've just been at hospital this afternoon and did half my christmas shopping. I went to see my consultant and he has said to me it has just definetely gone underactive with my thyroid and has put me on Levothyroxine for the rest of my life, he has booked me in for another blood test in 6 weeks. I'm on 50mg to start with, one a day in the morning.

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