Quick question about non discounted Genova tests


I have read a few posts that say we can order any Genova test using Thyroid UK as a practitioner even those that are not discounted. I think Louise said that these must be ordered over the phone not online. Online is a very general term which I would interpret as via a website using online shopping. Does it also mean tests can not be ordered by a simple email as this is how I order all of my Genova tests. Can anyone advise?

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I understood that they can only be ordered over the phone using TUK as your practitioner. I am open to being corrected on this if anyone has managed to order by email! :)


Thanks for replies. Ive weighed up costs and am going to get one partic test through my nutritional therapist but I still want another one doing. I will probably ring up though

Hi I know with Blue Horizon anything can be ordered by e mail etc.


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