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Pain between shoulder blades. Connected to thyroid nodule?

I am still struggling to understand my blood test results compared to everyone else. There are loads of posts on here from people who have many hypo symptoms and feel terrible on so much lower results than mine. My TSH is 12.8 (0.35-5.0) and ft4 9.0 (9.0-20.0) but really I don't have symptoms apart from feeling a little tired and my eyebrows thinning. My GP and endo are strongly encouraging me to go on thyroxine again but I was so ill in the summer on it that I am very worried but I am not sure as to whether I am risking my long term health.

The other reason for re- trialling it again is that I am being urged to have a partial thyroidectomy due to large nodule and if I need thyroxine after this then need to know if I feel well on it. I have a pain in the base of my neck/top of spine which I could follow is related ( although radiologist performing biopsy said it wouldn't be) and a pain between my shoulder blades on the right, which I have no idea if connected or just coincidence. But neither pain is debilitating and I could live with it than feel as ill on thyroxine.

Any advice appreciated as seeing endo again this afternoon and not sure what I want to do.

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Your TSH is high and your body is crying out for help. What were your symptoms on thyroxine? It may be that other factors were causing these problems Your ferritin level needs to be 70 plus to deal with converting the thyroxine to useable T3 in your body. If it does not convert, it causes symptoms like being hyper. This afternoon, ask your Endo to check serum iron, ferritin, Vit D B12 and folate. All are usually low in hypo people and you will feel ill in numerous ways. You need to get all up to a high, (not just above the bottom of range) kind of level. Until we know those answers it is difficult to advise but you need to start some kind of thyroid hormone soon. Maybe just a low level of thyroxine or low T3, if your endo will prescribe it.


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