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Your thoughts please on my latest blood results

Taking into account I have been under a lot of stress this year which has made me feel very tired, I am attempting to resolve my difficulties with counselling and following Adrenal Fatigue recommendations by James Wilson. My Doctor decided my bloods were too high last March and reduced my thyroxine from 125 to 100 which I have been taking since then.

My previous bloods in March on 125 levo were: T4 23.3

TSH 0.03

T3 5.1

My very recent blood tests on 100 levo were: T4 16

TSH 0.1

T3 4.1

Obviously a reduction but have not heard from my Doctor which means he is satisfied with latest

test results. I know it is wise to ask how I feel but with family stress situation still in situ I am not sure whether these levels are acceptable or could even be contributing to my poor coping skills these last few months. I assume the latest results fall within what the medical profession regard as normal range but wonder what other's may think? Your response would be much appreciated, thank you.

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Joyia, Your TSH 0.1 is low but no longer suppressed and may satisfy your doctor but it does mean your FT4 and FT3 have dropped and they looked good in March. Do you have the lab ref ranges for the FT4 and FT3? FT4 and FT3 are considered 'ideal' near or in the top 75% of range. Your levels are 'acceptable' if you are feeling well.

Can you track back to see whether you were coping with the stress better on the higher dose or lower dose? Over and under medication can both increase anxiety but I don't think your March results indicated overmedication because although your TSH was suppressed your FT4 and FT3 weren't elevated. Your current results don't indicate undermedication but you may have felt better with higher FT4 and FT3. If you think you may have felt, and were coping, better on the higher dose you could try to persuade your GP to increase your Levothyroxine to 100mcg/125mcg alternate days.

Scroll down to Guidelines and Treatment Options to read Dr. A. Toft's comments in Pulse Magazine and email if you want a copy of the article to show your GP.


Thank you Clutter I am grateful for your opinion. It is hard to say I felt better on 125 as opposed to my current 100, the stress this year has confused the situation. I am pleased you think my levels at present are acceptable if I feel well as I do not understand levels as much as you do. Once I reduce my anxiety I will be able to get a clearer picture. I will keep in mind I may be better with higher FT3 and FT4 as previous, this will be something to talk to my GP about even though I am not over or under medicated.


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