Water, water everywhere, and why we need it - but not if Nestlés have their way!

Chronic Dehydration: The Culprit for Numerous Health Issues

It's amazes me that there are people around who don't drink water. Took me a while to cotton on to this, and I wondered why some doctors asked me if I drank it. My only thought was : doesn't everyone? But apparently not...


So, Nestlé's Chairman of the Board, Peter Brabeck, doesn't think that water is a birth-right. He wants it all for himself! It would be a nice idea if everyone signed this petition and let him know that we don't agree...


You may not think that this is thyroid-related, but I think it is. Given the importance of water for our over-all health, we cannot let anyone take it away from us. Or from anyone else. Please sign.


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23 Replies

  • Thank you for sharing this Grey Goose. I have signed & shared to my Facebook.

    Nestlé never seem to give up generating controversy. It does make me wonder how these individuals sleep at night.

  • I know what you mean! They must be completely devoid of a conscience. Thank you for signing and sharing. I hope many more people will do so.

  • Signed and shared on Facebook :-)

  • Thank you, Barb. :)

  • signed, than you Greygoose

  • Thank you, Margo! :)

  • Signed gg. How can they possibly think of privatising water - our lifeblood.

  • For the money, j_bee, for the money! They will stop at nothing to get more and more money. Thank you for signing.

  • Oh what a mercenary world we live in!

  • And we already pay for the privilege of fresh water through our water rates so why should Nestles think they have the right to 'own' our water supplies? Anyway, I understand they are a Swiss company, let them try to do it in their own country. Bet they won't get away with that either.

  • No, I don't suppose they will. That's why they're trying it on in third world countries. Actually, the water rates are for covering the cost purifying water, not for the water itself, I believe.

  • I shared this post to Facebook and got a reply from a friend in the USA. She linked to a statement made by the chappie from Nestles saying he had not said anything of the sort and Nestles do not want to take over water supplies! Apparently he is head of some group who are trying to make sure everyone in the world has access to clean water. I read this link and have to say he did not convince me. I also pointed out that we in the UK already pay for the privilege of clean water. I don't know how this works in other countries but I expect they have something similar. I am unable to post the link here, my apologies.

  • Actually, in the UK, you pay the same company we do in France. It's a French company. I'm not sure about other countries, but I imagine most of Europe is the same.

    But of course he said he didn't say it! Where have we heard that before! As soon as word gets out and people start shouting, the one concerned always starts saying he didn't say it. But as they lie like tooth-pullers (French expression i.e. It won't hurt a bit!) we're not going to fall for that, are we! lol

  • Lol, no we're not going to fall for that! In the UK we have different water companies so who we pay depends on the area in which we live. I pay to Scottish Water, I don't think they belong to a French company, yet, lol. Although they all use the same pipe network as the electricity companies all use the same cables we pay to whichever supplier we sign up with (usually the one who will give the cheapest price)!

  • Oh, really? I didn't know that. Don't think it was like that when I lived there, but then I never really thought about it. It was just that when the French company took over... some part of it, I suppose, it was big news here.

  • hey grey I feel dehydrated what ever I drink or how much, I could do with a weekly infusion for my cells whydoesnt it get ito my cells?

  • How are your sodium and potassium? It's sodium that takes water into the cells, but it has to be balanced with potassium.

    This is a bit basic, but might be helpful :


    For 'heavy sport' substitute 'getting out of bed'!

  • thanks grey, my sodium is always a bit high, my kidneys are ckd stage 3 ???

  • Ah, well, that could be why you always feel dehydrated. Sorry, I Don't know anymore than that. Are you taking any medication for your heart?

  • no I have had a proper heart check, ihad some stuff injected an dthey watched my heart on a machine, icant remember the name of the test now it was last year. and the palps have slowed sinc ei donttake ndt all at once now.

  • ok. I just asked because some heart medication can have an effect on your kidneys. But doctors Don't seem to realise this! :)

  • grey you are a mine of info no I dont think I knew that either= when I first got very unwell back in 2000, I use dto do so much research an dthen again in depth research later and even more indepth 2010 2011 2012 2013 but my brain suffered burn out- my memory dreadful now an di have forgotten a lot

  • I know what you mean! Which is why these forums are essential to keep reminding us what we've forgotten. Thank god for computers and their memories! lol

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