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Am I bonkers or is this actually a 'thing'?

I'm quite sure I'm allergic to Magnesium.

About a year ago I took a Magnesium Citrate tablet. The next day I was so unbelievably tired, like I'd taken sleeping tablets all day. It was not pleasant and I think I posted on here actually.

A month ago I thought I would have another go and I bought Magnesium oil spray. A hour before bed I sprayed my legs and rubbed it in.

I then broke out into a proper allergic reaction, coughing, swollen throat, crazy itching, hives popped up all over my body. I was slightly panicked but it did eventually subside.

Yesterday our water was cut off in our village for repairs. I grabbed mineral water in bottles from the shop. I drank about 3.5 litres durning the day. All evening I was itching all over. Looking at the water bottle it states it's rich in Magnesium.

Am I bonkers or am I allergic to Magnesium?


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You might need to try a different magnesium salt. Maybe a chelated form or one with calcium.

I have serious issues with B6 - seeing stars and almost passing out. However i can handle the p-5-p from of B6 without issues. In my case this is tied into a cbs mutation which is closely related to the more common mthfr mutation.

Also my husband had magnesium issues. After playing baseball he had muscle cramps so he took magnesium. The cramps were actually coming from low potassium so the magnesium exacerbated the issue.

Hope this helps.


What's your vitamin D level like. Magnesium works with vitamin D

One of the good things about taking magnesium is it helps with sleep and therefore generally recommended to take in evening (at least 4 hours away from Levo)

When first start taking magnesium the sleepy & tired effect was extremely noticeable for me. Now (presumably no longer deficient) I notice no obvious change taking it

A banana a day for keeping potassium in balance



You're not necessarily allergic, but your body is 'unprepared' and highly sensitive to change. It's a bit like having a dog deprived of any human contact - it's not going to act 'normal' when someone takes it on. Sometimes when we over nourish our bodies that have been starved of nutrition the reaction can be acute if it's skewed too much in favour of one thing...

It's important to go low on all doses of vitamins and minerals to start off (titration) and bear in mind that adding something, may enhance or prevent the absorption of something else which you need in equal measure. For example, biotin and pantothenic acid are picked up by the same receptors, so too much of one can block absorption of the other. Magnesium's opposite 'partner' is calcium and neither should not be taken at the same time as iron. If you're low on vitamin D (easily checked - private tests are cheap) then you need to take this to increase calcium absorption (as stated above). Too much of either calcium or magnesium can cause upset. Both are used in muscles and Magnesium is optimised when used with p-5-p for heart and muscle health.


'Neither should not be taken' typo - sorry for my silly double negative - I mean don't take iron at the same time!

Personally, I'd recommend supplementing vitamin d over calcium. The best form is d3 in gel / oily capsules.

N.B. Magnesium is far more easily absorbed through the skin - gets straight into the bloodstream. Not advisable if you react to it so much. The same goes for Epsom Salts.


Thought above link was good. It's a bit like giving a starving child a hamburger - they'd more than likely throw up!

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I am a big fan of Epsom salts baths, and a big boost of magnesium. I put in several big handfuls, at least 200g and maybe more like 500g. I've been doing this for a couple of years, and have one when my joint pain has been building up, or I haven't been sleeping. Only about once a month.

But I've actually stopped having them lately, because I've found my reaction quite unpredictable. I've always been so relaxed I can struggle to move afterwards. But sometimes this gets to the point of discomfort, it feels like being several steps more hypo than I currently am. Last time this continued into the next day, and I had a classic 'bad day', as if I'd been really exerting myself. This include pain as well as boneless feeling of weakness in my limbs and abdomen.

This sounds a bit similar to what you've described. My response has been to wonder if I'm a bit underdosed, as the effect on me is so large. I've added an additional magnesium tablet to my bedtime supplements.

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I'm too scared to have any I think....


I broke out in hives, too, from magnesium oil and never touched it again. Needed RX for prednisone for 5 days combined with Benadryl to make them subside and have never been so miserable. I'll never use it again.


Ohhh that's interesting! It's not just me. Sorry it made you do that. It's s not scary isn't it. It made me wheeze so much I couldn't catch my breathe....


This link is very interesting too..


This piece on Magnesium mentions the pre-requisite requirements in order to absorb it properly. Unfortunately, one of these is good levels of stomach acid (low in hypos) and good levels of EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) in the diet to have healthy cell membranes (often something that we neglect to address). I recommend taking balanced Omega capsules if you don't eat much oily fish.

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Hi, ! This is the first time I have heard of anyone else apart from myself having problems with magnesium ! I have had a bad reaction for years, (burning and on fire when I take it !) .I have tried various forms of it and also tried a combination with calcium and other minerals . A few years ago I had an Organic acids/body nutrition test from Genova Diagnostics and found I was not methylating properley, so I am having to eat what suits me and slowly slowly (been in bed 9yrs and 5months , dont forget the 5months !) Open up those methyl pathways ! Apparantley ! as my thyroid is getting better more pathways will open up . And I have been able to let go of a lot of emotional traumas over the years and this has also opened up pathways inthe body that were blocked ! As the body does keep the score ! IT IS TRUE ! ESPECIALLY IF IN THE PAST YOU HAVE HAD TO SUPRESS EMOTIONS ! ( I am sure I am not the only one there ) ! ?


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