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Latest test results

I had a letter from the consultant last week saying that my last blood test results were fine and to just carry on with what I am currently taking - i.e. 50mcg Levothyroxine and 20mcg Liothyronine per day.

As I like to actually know the figures, I have just telephoned for the result:

TSH 0.77

FT3 4.7

FT4 5.0

I think I may just ask to rewind a year and go back to Levothyroxine only at 125mcg per day. I thought my figures from then were not too good, but they were better than today's.

The FT4 seems incredibly low to me, is this important?

Many thanks.

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Twitchen, it helps to interpret results if you post the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results). On the face of it your results look okay but there is room for improvement if you are still symptomatic ie an increase in either T4 or T3. If you felt better last year on 125mcg T4 it may be due to an over reduction when T3 was added. 20mcg T3 + 50mcg T4 is equivalent to 110mcg T4.

Taking oral T3 bypasses the need for good levels of storage FT4 for conversion so FT4 does sometimes drop below range.

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Thank you Clutter.

I don't know the reference ranges because I phone the endo's secretary for my results and she just reads them out. I am pretty sure that the FT4 range changed last year because I always used to have readings of 20+ and then it suddenly dropped to 12'ish.

The only thing the endo seems to be interested in the TSH, he says that is the most important indicator:(

Is FT4 not so important?


Not when you're taking oral T3, Twitchen. FT4's more important than TSH if you're on Levothyroxine only, IMO.

You could ring the hospital lab to find out the current lab ref ranges.

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Is ringing the hospital lab permitted? Wouldn't they think I was wasting their time?


You're not wasting their time, Twitchen, you want the ref ranges to interpret your results and the lab is the best place to contact for those.

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Thanks, so if I just phone the hospital main switchboard number and then ask to be put through to the lab, hopefully that will work.


Yes :)


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