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Test results (with range)

Hi all

I'd really appreciate your thoughts on these results (all normal to my GP).

TSH - 2.7 (0.2-4.5 mU/L)

Free T4 - 12 (9-21 pmol/L)

Total T3 - 1.9 (0.9-2.4 nmol/L)

B12 - 249 (180-2000 ng/L)

My GP tested for graves disease antibodies, not TPOAb :-/

I've started taking a good woman's multivitamin w high B12, plus the Nutri Adrenal & Thyroid supplements - only one of each so far but I'm going to try two of the Thyroid to see if it helps. My worst symptom is terrible foot pain (of two years)... Plus lots of others (50lbs weight, anxiety, depression, no arm hair, thinning eyebrows, panic attacks, fatigue, etc etc).

I'd really like others opinions.

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Your B12 is too low and you need to have your Vit D tested also iron, ferritin and folate. others will comment on the thyroid results.


Your B12 is worryingly low....maybe have the Homocysteine and MMA tests done along with anti-bodies for Pernicious Anaemia. Always good to rule it out. When B12 is low Homocysteine is invariably high. Only 20% of your B12 result can be utilised at a cellular level where B12 is needed. You may have absorption problems - do you have any gut issues that you may be aware of.... ? Did you have a Full Blood Count ?

Sadly a multi-vit will not relieve you of B12 symptoms - you will need to take it alone. I would suggest you need injections and soon - as you have nerve pain in the feet. The new guidelines for B12 and Folate deficiency state that Docs must observe clinical signs - and your foot pain is definitely one.

You will read in the first link that neurological damage can take place with a blood serum result of under 450. I am only aware of these problems as a fellow sufferer and now I have weekly injections....


No they are not normal ................being in stupid NHS range does not mean you are well

I will bet your ferritin and possibly folate are very low

as may be vit d3

Cholesterol may be high

all of which is consistant with hypothyroid and or pernicious anaemia

your B12 is very low and you need checking correctly for hashimotos thyroid antibodies and for PA

Few doctors recognise that in hypothyroid ferritin crashes as does stomach acids and b12 and a lot of other vitamins and minerals too

Given all the above plus your symptoms I would be asking for a trial of levothyroxine but if your ferritin is below 70 its likely to be best to restore that first before even starting levo

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I know my D3 is low as I had a private test earlier this year. I will go back this week to ask for more tests & possibly a trial. I'm a bit concerned as I know levothyroxine can cause issues and/or not work depending on what causes the problem. Is Ferritin iron levels? Can I take a supplement for that myself?

I have been mostly vegetarian and vegan for 20 years but have had ibs in the past. Currently I'm struggling with binge eating disorder, so have lots of weight to lose.


Sometimes feeling that you have to eat and can't stop is related to vitamin and mineral deficiencies - your body/brain is trying to tell to get the nutrients somehow. Possibly mega-doing B12 (and the others that are too low) will help with other issues.


Hi, I know it's a while since your kind & helpful reply! I tried to get a test for antibodies but either the nurse wrote it down wrong (she said she had never done one in her whole career?!) or the lab wouldn't do it. I did however get my free T3, which is 4.4 - receptionist wouldn't give me the range values.

Next week I'm going to ask for a referral to a local consultant ends, Dr A Jaap - the other was Dr Anthont Toft & I've heard mixed views on him.. Anyway I will ask them about pernicious anaemia (apparently my gran & an aunt had it) but I have a feeling I will be written off as worried well (even though I can't walk, lose weight, etc etc etc) :) so glad I have found somewhere to get more info!


Thank you all, very helpful (if worrying). Would sublingual B12 be any use? I seriously doubt they would offer me injections. My Serum Folate is 6.6 (2.8-20 ug/L) but I can't see a ferritin or homocysteine result?


It's unusual to have low folate like you when you are a veggie, but it happens - methylfolate is probably the best one to take. If you can't get B12 injections, 5000iu methylcobalamin sublingual should help, plus at least 2000iu D3 (I use biotics research Bio D mulsion forte) - if the NHS thought your D3 was low you probably need nearer 10,000iu a day.

You could do with a free T3 test (not total T3). If you can't take ferrous fumarate, you might be OK with Floravital (the no allergen version of Floradix). I also take betaine Hcl and digestive enzymes.


Why is it so scary to go back to a GP & say I disagree??


Because it's really hard not to hit someone (with a clue bat) who doesn't listen and doesn't seem to have learned anything? ;-)


Lol. I was so shocked when I saw he'd tested the wrong antibodies & ignored how low my B12 was, it's really flummoxed me tbh...


My B12 was the same as yours - more or less - but my doctor said it was 'perfect'! but then for him, it's either in range or you're dead, nothing in between. Doctors? Paahhhh!

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It's all so illogical and GPs should be science graduates and understand logic. I can't understand why our GPs get paid more than their opposite numbers in Europe, yet the lab techs seem to do all the work.


The lab techs have seized the power! Haven't you noticed that it's all about power?

Here in France the lab techs aren't that interested. They're late most of the time whist a huge crowd gathers in the waiting room. Then the convayor belt begins... The most they ever say is 'Next!'. But my brother in England says he loves going to have his blood taken. He says he chats to the techinicians and makes new friends!!!! Wow.

No, in France it's the pharmacists who are vying for power. They just love to tell you that what your doctor has prescribed is wrong for you. And in order to do that they will shout at the top of their voice, in front of the large crowd waiting to be served 'Why did your doctor prescribe this for you???" Whisper : because he thought I needed it (implied: stupid cow!) Pharmacist, still shouting "but why did you go to the doctor in the first place, what were your symptoms?" Me, also shouting now "If you think I'm going to discuss that with you, here, in front of all these people, then you are raving mad!!!" Well, it could have been an STD!!! lol

In fact, the pharmacists are kicking up a right storm at the moment because it is proposed to sell things like aspirin and cough syrup in super markets, like you do in England, but it hasn't been allowed in France up til now because of the grip the pharmacists have on things. But the supermarkets have had enough (so have I!) and want a slice of the cake - and prepose to sell at reduced prices! So, the pharmacists have gone on strike! Imagine, there a four pharmacies in my road alone and they are saying Oooo we'll have to close, there'll be no more pharmacies! My reaction is good! I don't have a very healthy Relationship with the pharmacists round here.

And the doctors do nothing, as in England. It doesn't concern them. As long as they get their round of golf they're happy.

No, they are NOT scientists, no way! And they have no logic. They just blindly follow the guidelines. If you say to them : think out of the box, man! They say : what box? Pfft I despair!


Would it be possible to go private? I'm in Edinburgh, in case there is anyone near by. Maybe someone who would do B12 injections too?


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