Post-nasal drip

I was having investigations last year for choking, especially at night & doctor never really got to the bottom of it. I still get it & it feels like mucous at the back of the thoat which I can't clear. Have 'googled' and it's come up with post-nasal drip. I do get a runny nose a lot, even more in the winter. I don't suppose it's related to the thyroid as it's in the throat area?

#/ Anyone heard of it?

Flo B

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  • I would say it most definately is related to the thyroid! So many of us have it. I certainly do.


  • Yes me to on antibiotics at the moment because cant seem clear this cold up like it's getting stuck and cant stop blowing my nose then get bung up for Chris sake how much mucus can one get lol dont know whete it comes from roll on the summer.

  • Post nasal drip can be a condition of its own or part of a number of other conditions of which are the obvious like allergies and chronic irritations of the nose and throat. It can also be part of GERD (reflux) and I have it as an autonomic symptom as part of a neurologic condition. Ive not heard of it related to the thyroid but if there is swelling or goitre then this may create a knock on problem.

  • Wondering how you know your post nasal drip is related to the autonomic neurological problem? I guess you tested negative for allergies and GERD and then figured it mush be due to the autonomic problem. I have an autonomic problem too (orthostatic hypotension) and what I think the Dr. will call post nasal drip (going today); so if I get a prescription for penicillin, do I take it, over and over every time it comes back?

  • My post nasal drip is part of my hemicrania continua which was dx back in 1999. That has many autonomic symptoms.

    The only way you will know if you have sinus or postnasal drip connected to an autonomic symptom is to get it properly dx.

  • I have read about post nasal drip and sinus problems being related to the thyroid in either Dr Skinner's or Dr Peatfield's book or both. I really need to keep a log I think as foggy brain seems to prevent me remembering where I read things.

  • I have read in Dr S's book it is hypo related.

  • Should have said I have it too.

  • I am undiagnosed hypo T with a range of dodgy thyroid bood test al l normal. For years I have a bunged up nose.

    Saw an ENT suregon who endoscoped my nose as have symptoms of post nasal drip.

    Turns out badly chronic infected sinus. Now on antitbiotics for 6 weeks and nasonex spray 2x day for 8 weeks.

    As fletch 27 said how much mucus can you get? aand as FlobB said runs down back of throat and can't get rid. Cough until almsot get gag reflex.

    I see the ENT again in 3 weeeks and he will look further into the thyroid problem as he noticed my TSH was 5.3

    Slight improvement so far but 3 weeks to go.

  • I've had this on and off for a couple of years and my GP confirmed it is very common in hypo patients. He leaves me a nasal spray on prescription and whenever I get the problem I get one of these. The one I'm using at the moment is Beconase - this clears it up, but it takes a couple of weeks.

  • I have had this postnasal drip for around 10 years, during this time I had a Fess operation which relieved it for around a year, there was polyps and chronic infection, I went on to have last year 2012 partial thyroid removal, 2 months later lumps in breast diagnosed breast cancer, mascectomy and radio therapy followed now with aramotase inhibiter for oestrogen, nasty side affects, but the postnasal drip is terrible, waiting for ct results, I cannot use the flixonase drops as they thin it ,and more runs into my throat and mouth, its a condition grossly under estimated to its impact on quality of life. I have however researched and found Alpha lipoic acid sometimes can help, of course I have checked about any medications I am taking.

    Best wishes Helen

  • I will go along with the Beconase suggestion. I have been suffering from sudden choking on and off this last two years. This happens just out of the blue, it seems to be as a result of inhaling your own saliva as mostly when it happens I am not eating or drinking anything. I have noticed swelling and redness at the back top of my throat (the Uvula, the thing that hangs down at the back) and sometimes when I blow my nose the air does not come down my nose to blow it but just vibrates my upper back palate and Uvulaand sounds like a snore or snort which hurts too. It seems like an Allergy, the swelling bit, so I did the Beconase (allergy spray) and it has reduced it a lot. I have not been to the Dr because the inflammation is not usually there very long and I know he will just look at me the way he normally does (what's she got wrong with her now look) because I'm always at the Dr's for something!

  • Thanks for replies. I don't fancy any more Cameras and as it comes & goes, will keep quiet at the moment.


  • I've had this drip in one nostril for years.I use steroid drops sometimes yes I have under active tyroid.

    It does get my annoyed sometimes as it just doesn't stop

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