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post nasal drip and cough

I'm new on here but am glad to have joined and find I'm not alone with my year-long symptoms. Been on levothyroxine for years, but a year ago developed a persistent cough and post-nasal drip after a cold virus.

At wits end as to how to make it go away..seen an ENT cons. with no success and was hoping someone on here suffering similar has any kind of cure or relief from this endless cycle of nose drip and coughing constantly...so debilitating

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Hi Magyar, I haven't had this symptom myself, but have had experiences of waking up 'choking' when my thyroid levels have been low. If you look across to the related posts on the right of this page, you will see lots of references to post nasal drip. Here is the link to one of them:


I wonder if you changed brands of Levo, it might help. You might have developed a reaction to one of the fillers. Talk to your pharmacist about it.


Hi Scazzoh, Thanks for your advice ...I've had three flu-like viruses as a result of this...one on the warmest weekend in Spring losing my voice for 3 weeks....and another in September this year....

You could be right that I could suddenly have developed a reaction to my medication. I haven't found the Drs very knowledgeable on this...but willing to try anything as the cough is most exhausting.

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Before I was diagnosed as hypo, I had dreadful post nasal drip and cough, which really got me down. After I started taking thyroid hormones it got a lot better. I still always feel as though I've got a 'frog in my throat' though. Maybe you need an increase in Levo?


If you post your most recent thyroid tests and vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12, if these have been tested too, with lab ranges

Do you have Hashimoto's (high thyroid antibodies)

list of symptoms off, See if any more apply



I was prescribed Mometasone furoate nasal spray by the asthma nurse - I kept complaining about my inhalers!! It works, but I was told you are not supposed to take it continuously. Not that I am thrilled about more drugs :(


Have you tried adjusting your diet? I don’t do well on wheat and dairy. I get bloated and high inflammation and stack on weight (fluid from inflammation) and get sick easily. Try adding some fresh veggie green detox juices (home made) to your diet and cut out inflammatory foods like wheat, cereals, grains, dairy, processed foods containing sugars and preservatives and additives. Instead opt for home made smoothies and organic vegetable juices and lots of foods rich in omega 3s such as Salmon, and fatty fish (sardines, makeral) and add in lots of veggies, salads, pickled vegetables, fermented foods, sashimi Salmon, loads of fresh fruit... I’ve lost more than 5kg in inflammation in less than a fortnight doing this and my bloated stomach is going down and I’m getting more energy and deceased pain. You could try following the auto immune paleo protocol if you want to get your head around it. Best wishes to you.


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