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Raised thyroxine how soon to expect feeling better physically?

I just wondered how quickly people generally noticed an improvement in strength following a dose increase?

I've become unfit and weak over the 18 months since I had my son and have had two raises from 125 to 150 and now 175. I've also got a lot of hypermobility in my upper body and hips which has become a big issue probably due to thyroid issues and straining various muscles and ligaments, plus si joint issues. Im used to altering from a relatively fitter state and usually notice the effect mentally but this time it's more the physical issues.


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Hi Haggisplant

I note that you've been hypothyroid for around 17 years but since having your baby you've not recovered so well.

I would suggest to your doctor that he drop 50mcg of levothyroxine and replace with 20mcg of T3. You've been ill long enough and it's time for a little change. Some doctors are wary of prescribing T3 for some reason but it is only a hormone after all, but it is the active one which we all need (even doctors) in order for us to function normally. I also had widespread pain whilst on levo and it might be that it just doesn't agree with you or it doesn't convert properly.

If you've not had a recent blood test ask for one to be done to include Free T4 and Free T3 (probably wont if your TSH is in range) but worth asking. Ask also for Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate. Theoretically, if we are deficient in thyroid hormones, once replaced we should be up and running. In effect that's definitely not the case, whether it's because levothyroxine is a synthetic generic hormone it may not be so agreeable to our body, although many do well on it but they certainly wont be on this forum I believe.

Don't take levo before your blood test and have it as early as possible taking levo after. Get a copy of your results, with the ranges and post for comments. Tell your GP you are determined to get well and would like his help to do so. You have a young baby and need your energy (metabolism) to come back to normal and relief of pain but you need adequate hormones which suit you and which also provide pain relief when on an optimum dose.

Make sure your vitamin/mineral levels are good some of which help to convert T4.


has your ferritin been tested because far too often this is way below 70 and thus your body cannot even utilise the levothyroxine and turn it into the T3 your cells are screaming for

If ferritin is low you wil need iron plus at least 500mg Vit C taken 4 hours away from levo for some months

Pregnancy and childbirth takes an enormous toll on all body systems including vitamins and minerals

add on hypothyroid and the depletion is magnified so a really good multivitamin before bed each night is vital


Thanks for your replies. I just wondered how quickly I can expect muscle recovery?

Vit d is 68nmol which here is ok though I know should be higher. I'm taking 25-35 ug vit d a day at the moment.

I'm not anaemic, Ill double check that at the drs today.

I'm still breastfeeding my son. As a consequence my periods have not returned so I'm not loosing iron there.

I'm taking a breast feeding multivitamin which includes iron, iodine and vit d, b vitamins and other things! Plus vit d on top, extra magnesium, probiotic and fish oil.

I've been tested for coeliac and hopefully get results today.

I believe a lot of my issues are a combo of struggling thyroid, no regular exercise (have been very active for over 10 years) and hypermobility, which has all meant that my muscles have begun to weaken (probably heart too) and become damaged with repeated sprains, now have pelvic girdle pain due to si joint and bad tendonitis in my right hand. I work in a very hands on physical job which is very unpredictable and can be stressful 3 days a week. I've had several bad viruses this year and infections which have hit me badly. My son is very active too!

In the past t3 has been fine; it was supposed to be tested in the summer but the lab didn't. Tsh was 2.3/ 2.5 on 2 occasions (first after a tummy bug so waited a bit) so dr has put me up.

I'm seeing him today to look at my arm which has been seriously weakened at times recently and to discuss medication.

I'm also on sertraline - I did find a study which indicated hypothyroid patients had to put their thyroxine up when on sert.


the last thing you need is sertraline and I would not be breastfeeding and giving that to my child that really bothers me that any doctor would even give it to a breastfeeding mother

In fact personally I do not think even thyroxine and breastfeeding mix

anaemia and low ferritin are 2 different things can be so called not anaemic yet very low in ferritin because hypothyroid causes ferritin to plummet while leaving rest intact

breastfeeding is of course best for the baby but it takes a huge toll on the mothers body and add in effects of hashimotos and your body will be seriously deficient


Ask your GP to give you a trial of T3 added to your T4. He could reduce your T4 by 50mcg and add 20mcg of T3.


thanks for your concern really fedup, Im confident its ok as long as T4 and T3 in range. a good reason to question my T4 levels!

this is the website my LCGB uses to check medication while BF.

Sertraline is the only antidepressant the breastfeeding network recommend.

I will ask to check ferratin or if its been checked. I will ask for a trial of T3 but probably wish to see T4 and T3 first.

Thanks again


They haven't yet tested ferratin, my iron was really good though. They have referred me to an endo/ thyroid clinic.


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