getting some Thylexan how to ween off thyroxine

I am getting some thylexan (T3) (comes in 4 scoreable tablets 50's)

I have no thyroid due to cancer, and I currently want to try t3 only, could some one here advise me how to taper off the 175 mg thyroxine and introduce the t3 properly please. I've had enough waiting from the NHS. and am going to do it alone. thankyou in advance Michael.

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  • Mikepassword,

    If you haven't already bought Thyloxen 50mcg it would be better to buy 25mcg T3 as it is easier to split a 25mcg tablet with a pillcutter into small doses to tweak doses.

    I'm also thyroidless after having thyCa but I prefer T4+T3 to T3 only. You could reduce Levothyroxine by 75mcg and add 25mcg T3 split into 2 x doses and see how you feel on that dose for a couple of months.

    You don't need to wean off Levothyroxine if you are determined to try T3 only. You can switch straight over to T3. 175mcg Levothyroxine is equivalent to 58.33mcg T3 which should be taken in 3 x doses.

  • clutter, thank you, I am so very fond of this group, you are so highly valued, in my esteem, and with my thanks, thank-you clutter.

  • You're welcome, Mike, and thank you.

  • thankyou for taking the time xxx

  • Never heard of this mikepassword - thank you - very interesting!

    Hope you get on well with it - best of luck :-)


    This has just been posted - thought it may interest you. You are not alone ! Didn't want you to miss it :-)

  • Wow.... it is a story of hope.... thankyou so much for sending that..... I've lost eyesight in 1 eye, broke my back due to self harm in psychosis... I have had a similiar story.... interesting what he said about chonobyl .. I think I had far too many dental x rays as a child!.... the t3 is going well..... it's early days at the moment. So don't want to jynx it.... are you doing well? Xx

  • .... glad you saw it :-) Yes we are fine in sunny Crete - lots of snow on the mountains but clear blue skies ..... Glad the T3 is working - keep up the good work !

  • It's snowing here in London lol.....

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