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How to take thyroxine?

I am in hospital at the moment and my tablets are under the control of the nurses. My thyroxine is locked in my locker. Please can someone post about taking thyroxine. I keep having to explain I need to take my thyroxine at least one hour before meals and other medication. There has been just one nurse who understands. She said I was one of just a few thyroid patients she has had that knew how to take it! She is the only nurse I have met who knew this.

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I hope this helps and hope you have a quick recovery:

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Thank you for your kind wishes. Just what I wanted, very helpful.


I was in hospital over the past few weeks and I kept my Armour in my bag near me! There should be no problem with it as it is your choice as to whether its locked up in the locker or not


Thank you. I have changed ward and they are not so strict. They are OK about giving me my thyroxine the night before and I can take this early in the morning. I hope you are well on the way to recovery from your hospital visit.


Get someone from pharmacy to come and help you explain, they are medication experts and will be able to specifically tell the nurses the correct way to take it and the mechanisms behind it. If the nurses can't accommodate the regime, you need control of your meds which is your right. Assuming you're in the UK, the hospital will have a patient liaison office who can also help. Hope you're recovered soon x


Thank you all for your helpful advice and best wishes. Now home from hospital. I have made a note of your suggestions for any possible hospital stays.


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