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blood test for underactive thyroid

My daughter has all the symptoms of an under active thyroid, she has had a blood test but only a TSH number have come back and the doctor has said she has no thyroid problem her TSH 1.8, (I have an overactive thyroid) and I know I need a TSH and a FT4 reading on my bloods for the test to be conclusive, does this also apply for an under active one?

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Yes we need test results for underactive as well as overactive. That isn't the whole story mind you. The problem is that GPs are untrained in the clinical symptoms and only diagnose by the computer print-out sheet and ignore symptoms. If the TSH comes back in range labs don't do other tests, i.e. T4, FT4, T3 and FT3. If necessary we have to have some private blood tests done. Details on the site. A couple of links from it:-


Thank you Shaws for the information, I really think she does need a full blood test for her thyroid, she has weight gain, sleeps all the time, and feels the cold, unlike me I have the complete opposite side effects with mine being overactive, this site is wonderful and it helps so much to know there are other people that are having the same problems


I hope you are able to get confirmation and the hormones to raise her metabolism and get on with her life.

For your information as your daughter isn't well enough to look into things this is an archived USA website and there are lots of topics which may be helpful. Particularly the Proper Use of Thyroid Hormones. It would be good if doctors got back to using this system. Some links within these topics may not work as Dr Lowe died two years ago in an accident.


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