Hi, Does anyone know if Selenium Xtra by Wassen is ok to take.. I bought some today and now see it is Organic form Selenium from Selenium Yeast and with Zinc,vits C,E ...Alpha Lipoic and Broccoli sprout powder. I'm concerned only because I know broccoli may not be so good for Thyroid and I have always avoided yeast if I can ..(may be answering my own question here) . Best wishes and thanks in advance x

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I noticed this a while back and as I have an allergy to brassicas I gave it a miss. I bought their product that is without the sprout powder but the selenium content in it has doubled. Have since read a comment though that this "new" amount has been recommended, not sure where now but probably on here, as a sensible amount to take. I have also seen suggested that the yeast is not a good idea as well but not really looked into that. Any comments there could be useful.

Thank you... I did read something about yeast and the gut and thyroid, somewhere ?? I avoid as I had problems with it years ago so I keep it limited in my diet, and I know brassicas are bad in a their raw state but I wasn't sure if that applied to this..oh the confusion :) I will return them and in future wear my glasses so I can read the small print ;)

Yes I couldn't work out why they should be in the tablet unless it was for one of the vitamins they contain. I'd also read somewhere to avoid the yeast ones, may be we have both read it on HU but I've been taking them mostly over the last 25 years and nothing untoward that I've been aware of

I am using "source naturals" Selenium bought online via this website, one of the suppliers on the list that gives donation to TUK. It is obtained from yeast! I take 1x 200mcg tablet each day. Optimum level in blood is 200 (not sure how it is measured) Looks as though you will have to research some more if you are wanting to avoid certain fillers. I avoid gluten and lactose. Selenium is really important in your thyroid as it helps you to convert T4 to T3. Some people just eat brazil nuts, 3or 4 per day but like any natural product you cannot say for certain if that particular batch has the right levels of selenium. Most western food is depleted of selenium because of modern farming methods. Hope you find what you want

Thank you and I will just return them and next time wear my glasses :) I like the idea of just eating brazil nuts. It would be so much simpler! but hey-ho!!!

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