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has anyone seen Dr Shotliff?

I am new to this board but have been dealing with health issues including thyroid for a long while.

I have a complicated medical history and am all over the place thyroid wise......Have hashi's that has gone crazy with multiple thyroid nodules increasing monthly, all my thyroid antibodies 1000+ and have gone in to a hyper flare. Can not take any form of T4 so am on T3 for years but this is not manged at all well. I am also on Hydrocortisone/Florinef.

My health has disabled me and I need to see an endo that is understanding of complex health issues and complex patients as I react to everything

anyway I was recommended to see Dr shotliff, so could anyone email me experiences or any other endo's that could help

Thanks everyone


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Where is Dr Shotliff - in London area ?


Yes London


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