Anyone experiencing any cardiovascular issues?


I have been doing some research on how thyroid issues can have an effect on one's cardiovascular health, and was curious to see if anyone on HU has been affected?

Almost all of the studies state that undiagnosed/underdiagnosed thyroid issues, can affect cholesterol, BP, LDL, and other lipid functions, as well as HR, CRP, and increase the risk of heart disease.

If anyone has encountered any of these issues and resolved them, please reply. Actually reply even you haven't resolved them.



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  • Wow thankyou for the links I developed Aortic regurgitation 2 years ago the cardiologist said it was unusual because there is a moderate to severe leak but the valve looks healthy no stenosis, he asked me several times had I had rheumatic fever. No but 16 years of autoimmune thyroid disease. He said categorically this was irrelevant.

  • See book title below :-)

  • Thyroid and Heart Failure - is a book on Amazon. Research papers pulled together by a Cardiologist and an Endocrinologist. I have actually saved up and bought it. Heart disease is a systemic condition and the endocrine system is very much involved.....

  • Indeed it is Marz. Too bad not many ENDOs, Cardiologists, or GPs know much about any of it.

    It's a real shame.

  • No time to read the links at the moment as off to work, but Endo recently discovered I have a heart murmur now being further investigated.

    I didn't have one before and have had consistently high LDL , but also high HDL down to my healthy diet and exercise.

  • Hi yes I have had issues with severe chest tightening and pins and needles down left arm into my hand. Have been sent from surgery to emergency assessment unit and wasthen sent home after all tests being told it was due to very high tsh levels of 96 at the time , the pain is there quite alot , 2weeks ago I called an ambulance due to severe pain all heart checks were fine . recently saw consultant for thyroid who said it's not thyroid causing it .I have taken ant-acid medication nothing helps .family history of heart problems all mums side had hear trouble and my dad's had lots of trouble with his , now my brothers are having problems too but I'm not treated seriously considering my family history I eat carefully ,don't drink , and I am very active plenty of walking. I wonder if I suffer with angina and paramedic also wondered that too. Cholestel level being raised by thyroxine it's now at 5.9. Just

  • You might want to give this link a review.

    It is very interesting and informative.


  • Marz posted this link which summarizes things a bit better.

  • I am no expert but have been on Levo fo 15 years since having thyroid gland removed. My cholesterol levels rise when i don't have enough thyroxine. My dose is being reduced to 100 daily (originally started out with 150mcg daily 15 years ago),so I am waiting to see if it does have an effect on my cholesterol. I do have familial high cholesterol and it has been at 9.5 once. Usually it is between 6.9 and 7.5 so 5.9 seems ok to me!! I do have high good cholesterol but obviously the 'bad' one is a bit too high.

  • Do you have optimal iron levels? Low iron can cause severe chest pain.

    If you do have low iron it can't always be diagnosed with just a ferritin level. You also need to have other testing done - serum iron, total iron binding capacity, transferrin saturation, and a full blood count.

  • I suspected I may have the beginnings of angina specifically on inclines, being wary of usual medication offered by GPs I decided to take one Hawthorn Berry tablet a day and one CoQ10, both of which help the arteries. I am not suggesting others follow suit as it is an individual decision but have to say my symptoms have more or less diminished. I did read somewhere that if you are due for an operation it is best to leave these supplements off for a week or so beforehand as blood may not clot so easily. This does prove that whatever supplements you take you need to do your homework and be aware of the benefits and possible side effects.

  • Hi DanteNXS

    Yes, I have loads of scary heart symptoms - tachycardia, arrhythmia, palps, spikes of high blood pressure, mitral valve, heart murmur, poor circ. bruits, SVT, chest pain, upper left arm pains.... every day but not all day.

    A recent ECG whilst having an arrhythmia episode was - "normal"

    Many trips to the hospital have brought no relief, and I find them so traumatic, my BP goes off the scale and can't be taken. I would rather stay at home and rest.

    Hardly go out much, maybe once a week; don't dare exercise, just walk round the garden in the sun.

    I think I've been sub- clinical hypo for years, but only started on NDT last summer - privately.

    GP told me she won't treat me for hypoT because it could give me tachy or osteoporosis.

    She forgets I've had both for years!!

    (The only things I remember the cardiologist saying were "How do you know you have palpitations?" and "You would be treated better if you were a male!"]

    Paramedics are the best, but get to hospital and everything goes downhill.....

    So still trying to resolve things myself...


  • Did you get a chance to review the links I added with this post? If not, give them a review and also look over this one.

  • I don't know anything about the MTHFR gene - perhaps it's time I did!!

    From reading some of the info, I don't think it quite fits my symptoms although I do have glaucoma, low protein and auto immune psoriasis, which seem loosely connected.

  • It's really worth getting tested for, as it pertains to how your body assimilates nutrients, and medicine. It is one of the tests all functional doctors insist on.

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