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Vitamin Levels low after a year of supplementing- what else can I do?


I have been supplementing B vitamins for a year and just had results of blood test

2013 408ng/l (B12 > 160ng deficiency excluded)

2014 449ng/l (B12 > 160ng deficiency excluded)

a whole year and my B12 has gone up a tiny amount!!

I take solgar B Complex 50, what do other people take?


2013 14.2 ug/l (3.20 - 25.9)

2014 22.9 ug/l (3.20 - 25.9)

This does seem an improvement but not sure what I am aiming for here.

Anyone got any advise



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A B Complex will not give you an improved level of B12 - the amount in the tablet is too small. Continue with the B Complex and add Jarrow Methylcobalamin 1000mcg which you can chew and hold under the tongue. All the B's need to be in balance and in particular you need Folic Acid to work with and to hold onto the B12 in the body. You cannot overdose on B12 - as it will be excreted....

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thank you for the information, I will definitely add the B12 separately.


Pip, folate is fine as it is high in range but as Marz says supplement B12 methylcobalamin.


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