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Tests to ask for?

Could someone please list the definitive tests I should ask for from my GP? I have had hypothyroidism for 25 years and my dose of thyroxine has been between 125, 200 and most recently 150mg of Eltroxin (until it's withdrawal, then Mercury Pharma) since my referral to an endocrinologist 3 years ago when my TSH was at 34.8 (I have no other readings from this time other than this) I am in the process of being referred to a rheumatologist as I have been suffering with calcific tendonitis of both shoulders and now the Achilles' tendon. When my blood test came back last week it gave thyroid readings of TSH <0.01 L mU\L (0.35-4.94) and Free T4 17.1 pmol/L (9.00 - 19.0) no other thyroid tests. I have also previously had repeated blood tests for high creatinine levels but to my shame I don't know why. I feel rubbish, mainly aching, sleep problems, go off OK but wake 2:00 then can't get back off till it's almost time to get up. No libido and I mean none, and since June I have put on over 1/2 a stone in weight despite no extra food intake? What is happening? I would be so grateful for any ideas! I am a 55 year old female.

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Even tho' your TSH is low that doesn't mean you are on optimum medication particularly with your clinical symptoms. It's a pity that Eltroxin was withdrawn.

If you email and ask for a copy of Dr Toft's Pulse Online article wherein at question 6 he says that some of us need a suppressed TSH or the addition of some T3. Maybe your GP would be conducive to adding some T3. Ignore the last para in Dr Toft's reply as it is typical ofwhat many Endocrinologists really believe.


This is a list of thyroid tests and your GP may not do all of them. If possible it is good if you get a T3 in particular as that's the Active hormone and levo is supposed to convert to sufficient but doesn't always.

Some labs wont do other than TSH if it's in range.


Thank you for the reply! I'm not sure if the rheumatologist will agree but I intend to ask for all the blood test I can have as clearly there is something going on ! Will let you know :)


Hi Bankofmum

I've looked at your profile but it's not been completed but I notice you joined 2011 plus the fact that you've been hypo for 25years. I assume you were fine on Eltroxin but not so well on levo.

You definitely deserve to as have as many tests as possible, 1st to make you well, 2nd to get rid of any clinical symptoms, some of which have appeared since you stopped Eltroxin. Why aren't things easier for patients, i.e. to have a choice of medication if one isn't working as they 'assume' it does.


Hi Shaws

Yes, seemed stable on Eltroxin but over past 12 months have seen a gradual decline in my health & well being. Coincidentally & unreqested I've just got my prescription from the doctors and it states 100 & 50 mg Eltroxin (AMco) are they back in do you know ?


Hi bankofmum,

The creatinine is to see if your kidneys are functioning correctly.

From what you say, I would hazard a guess that your problem is adrenal. If your cortisol is high at night, then you won't be able to get back to sleep. It could also account for your lack of libido. That is a hypo problem, but the adrenals make all the sex hormones, and if you are low on them then you won't have any libido!

Problem is, doctors don't believe that adrenal fatigue exists - or say that it is very rare - so you might have trouble getting tested. And if you do do it privately and the results say your cortisol is off, they might not take any notice of it. But, if you are not making enough cortisol, then the levo you are taking won't be converted into T3 (have you tried asking for the addition of T3 to your levo?). And that could account for the weight gain.

However, you could do things yourself to help your adrenals. Are you taking vit C? And are you getting a decent amount of good salt (pink Himalayan, sea salt, etc, anything but table salt)? There are many things you can take to help them. If you type adrenals into the search box at the top, you will find lots of post on that subject, and lots of information.

Hugs, Grey


Thanks for all the post Grey, will start my adrenal research now :)




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