T3 v NDT. Costs

I am currently on 30 mcg of T3 . this has raised my temperature to normal, however fatigue and joint aches persist. Gp prescribes under instruction of private endo. Need to try NDT .

Cost of T3 is £150 per 28 days ( NHS)

Can anyone give me the cost of NDT on named basis prescription( NHS)

I would love to tell my supportive GP that NDT was cheaper

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  • Perhaps your dose of T3 needs increasing?

  • Hi cinnamon_girl, 30 is the most I can take without breaking out into itchy rash like hives. 100mg of T4 was my Max. I have secondary hypothyroidism. Thx

  • You can find the information for England here:



  • Thanks Rod

  • And why is t3 so expensive? In the rest of Europe it's cheap as chips NDT I pay more about 175

  • Only one supplier in the uk

  • NDT I was paying about £65 for three months from online pharmacy. Thyroid UK have addresses for some reputable ones. I tried 2 different ones and service was brilliant.

  • Thanks Jill, better not make too much of the reduced costs in case I have to go back to T3

  • I think the price of T3 in Greece is about £20 per 100 tablets. It's only in the UK that the price is through the roof.

  • Thanks T3sorted me

  • Its £4.75 for a months supply of 25mg in Greece

  • I got 30 tablets at 25mcg in Rhodes for €2!

  • I asked this question of an NHS pharmacy about 2 months ago. They told me NDT is available though SWS wholesalers and costs £158.00 approx for 100 x 1 grain tablets.

    I am currently taking about 35 mcg t3 and 3/4 of a grain of NDT (but I get my NDT from abroad as so far I can't get anyone to agree to prescribe it - YET).

    Good luck x

  • Thanks kosmickaz, I think the gp will sign off but I reckon it will be an issue when the practise manager reviews the prescriptions.

  • Thyroid S £55 for 1000 tablets Armour 1 grain 400 tablets $378. I am just trying the Thyroid S.


  • Thanks hills good luck

  • I have NDT Armour on a named patient basis and it costs me £90 for 3 months supply from the local pharmacy. This is 100 tablets 1 grain and 100 tablets 1/2 grain so it may cost about 1/2 this depending on your dose. They had to order it especially so I had to pay for the whole 200 tablets even though I only took 112 tablets away, on the subsequent visit I then got them for free, just a £3 dispensing charge.

  • Thanks wedding2000

  • As I read it, you have to pay for your T3 on a private scrip presented to an ever-so-expensive NHS supplier Stephen - is that right? You would do better to buy it yourself, frankly. Or, as you have a scrip, buy it from an 'official' script-requiring site the States? What do other private scrip patients do? This is a massive amount to pay for meds every month, unless you have oodles of boodle.

  • Humphrey, I am very fortunate that I get my T3 on gp prescription (NHS) and as I get free prescriptions no cost. Most gps will not give a prescription for T3 as they do not have sufficient knowledge, hence mine is led by the private endo I see

  • Wow. I suspect there is no-one on this forum who is not currently green with envy at what you've got set up there, Stephen. Result! What do we want? What Stephen's got. When do we want it? Now!

  • I also get T.3 via a gp prescription which was prompted by a Endo. It is all on NHS which is of course free to hypothyroid patients.

  • Hi sandy, it was only because of this site that I went so prepared and paid private to see an endo from Louise's list. I kept go informed after each appointment. She is happy to go along with endo recommendation. I breakout in itchy face similar to hives if I take anymore T3. It also feels like someone has an electric fire in front of my face. I did try up to 50 mcg stepping 10 mcg at a time. I do have secondary hypothyroidism so my thyroid still works in a fashion. Thx

  • Its not cheaper per se but if you are on the correct dose of the correct thyroxine then the NHS saves money by not prescribing all the medications to cope with the symptoms!!

  • I agree glynisrose.the for your reply

  • Armour was £90 a month but I know its price increased recently

    however ERFA and westhyroid are supposed to be much cheaper

    any good independent pharmacy should be able to contact their specialist suppliers and tell you precise costs

  • You need a trip to Rhodes for your T3. I bought some whilst I was over there. €2 for 30 x 25mcg of T3. Can't believe it's so much here.

  • the Mexican T3, is a lot cheaper too, and works well, I have been taking it for nearly a year now, I can't believe how expensive on a private prescription, mine costs approx. £38 for 300.

  • Thanks for your help

  • Just paid £45 for my next batch of Armour on private prescription from endo, £45 for 100 of 1 grain tablets so will last me 50 days.

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