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Feel so defeated :(!

Hi all. been a bit since I have been on, lots of chaos lately. One being a breakup with my boyfriend but it had been rocky for a long time and he was not good for me emotionally or support wise so much arguing. Anyway Thyroid update: Saw the ENT surgeon told me I have suppressed TSH something I was not aware of as my Endo never mentioned it to me. I checked my labs from end of July guess she did not have them??? lol My TSH was 1.19 hmmm is that suppressed when the range begins @ 0.30???? She also cannot and will not just remove the nodule too dangerous as it may affect the thyroid but can remove the nodule with half my thyroid. She then after I said NO she stated that she would then only recommend to my ENT RAI treatment to shrink( and dissolve my thyroid) and the anti-thyroid meds and then told me to go home and think about it leaving me in tears as I yelled out "all I have been doing is thinking about it" so needless to say NOW what! I am thinking since 3 biopsies in even if there are some C cells missed since the ENT only 100% definite if removed and biopsied, oh well. So back at square one AGAIN! :( I see my Endo on the 19th not looking fwd to that! Just so fed up!

PS. Antibodies all came back negative, my pituitary gland is messed up I guess to have suppressed TSH if I in fact have that at all! GRRRR

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TSH 1.19 is not suppressed based on the range starting with 0.3. It's actually excellent. The important thing, aside from your current emtional state, is how do you feel?

Is the nodule 'hot' or just a nodule? Has that been tested or just biopsies done?

Lots of people have cysts and nodules that just sit there and do nothing. They only need to be monitored once a year.


Hi gabkad .The nodule is oversecreting ??? so I was told also it is a toxic adenoma solid and about 1.5cm I am confused more now than ever I am getting different stuff from one Dr. to another and am also considered borderline hyper/hypo although I have not been able to find any real info on that. I am up and down with my weight and other annoying symptoms as I am also in menopause sadly! So all I can say is CONFUSED! do not know if hot or cold just had 3 biopsies and RAI and continue with labs every few months so I do not understand this suppressed crap although I know it is connected to the pituitary maybe i need a head scan lol. Thank you for the reply, I will try to find my paperwork for the RAI scan but no mention of hot or cold on that not that I recall anyway..:(


Menothyro, I'm sorry about your break up. Even when the relationship isn't 100% it's still a blow :(

As Gabkad says, TSH 1.19 is no where near suppressed which is 0.03. TSH just above or below 1.0 is generally good for most people.

If the nodule needs to be removed it is usual practice to remove the entire lobe (hemilobectomy). The remaining thyroid lobe is expected to produce the hormone required, although in practice it doesn't always, and some thyroid hormone replacement may be necessary.

FNA is often inconclusive because of the difficulty in drawing sufficient cells from the nodule. After hemilobectomy the entire nodule is biopsied and results will be conclusive. If cancer is found, completion thyroidectomy is usually carried out in case the cancer has spread. RAI ablatement may be required if the tumour is >2cm &/or the patient >40 years of age to mop up any stray thyroid cells/remnant left after surgery.


Agreed with Clutter.


K ? :)


Hi Clutter yah already figured that one out 2.0 is optimal for TSH and above that not so great. She had info but not sure if dr speak or previous labs as my last tests end of July were TSH 1.19 and negative for antibodies my T3 and T4 were within normal range not sure of the #'s but I focus on the TSH and what the ENT said not going back there EVER, .and sure she does not want me back! I did not leave a happy camper more like an emotional lunatic waste of my time!! :) x


2.0 is not optimal for many of us and we feel better under 1.0 and even suppressed. I'm definitely better if suppressed although I don't know if that's because I don't convert. My GP won't test of T3 so we'll never know (unless I have it done privately). And actually you should pay more attention to the actual T3 and T4 results (and ranges) and less to the TSH, especially if you could have pituitary problems.


mistydog Sorry i am not a Dr but have read 2 is best # from a good source and the ENT brought up my TSH being suppressed so I am left confused ????

Hope you can find someone to check your T3 for you! :) I also have done some reading and learned the suppression of TSH is linked to the pituitary gland so I am lost!


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