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Help please. Just found out I'm pregnant


Hi all.

My partner and I have been trying to get pregnant for a couple of months now and yesterday found out that I'm a couple of weeks along. I was also diagnosed hypothyroid after the birth of my son in 2012 and so this is my first pregnancy with an underactive thyroid.

I've got an appointment with my GP today at 10am to notify them I'm pregnant and was wondering whether now would be the time to ask them to increase my medicine? I'm on 100mg levithyroxine - should I be asking this to be increased to 150mg? What happens if they refuse to do this?

Also will I need to be referred to a specialist?

Lastly, I have just started taking the Mexican T3 (1/4 25mg tablet twice a day) after my GP refused to increase my T4 any higher and have noticed an improvement in how alert I feel and definitely less tired than just on T4 alone. Should I stop taking the T3? I don't want to endanger my baby so I'm inclined to stop.

I'd be really grateful for anyone's thoughts.

Thank you.

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You wont endanger your baby by taking T3 as it is the active hormone we need. Your GP should increase your medication. This is a previous link re pregnancy.

This is another link to a helpful site:-

lauracp in reply to shaws

Hi Shaws. I saw the GP this morning and she refused to increase the medication or retest my thyroid as I was last tested in July. I was also told to stop all suppliments (I take vits: b12, D3, Iron, Selenium, Cod Liver Oil) except for folic acid.

I've now been told to to wait for the midwife booking appointment.

I'm tempted to just increase my medicine myself anyway to 125mg T4 at the very least to cover me until I speak to the midwife. Not really sure what to do :(

Just to add, I did take in the NICE recommendation to the GP this morning but it was completely ignored.

humanbean in reply to lauracp

*Sigh* I didn't notice you'd posted this and so I posted about it below. I'm going to leave it just in case anybody else might be interested in the links in future.


There must be someone you can ask. I think I would slightly increase meds. I would report her. She doesn't need to do a blood test to increase your medication. You are now pregnant.

This is from another member and extract:

I read that you do need a dose increase during early pregnancy (25mcg extra a day is normal), and took this myself. Not all GPs are aware of this, but my endocrinologist confirmed I was correct. Even if you feel OK now, I'd query getting a dose increase for during pregnancy as it is apparently really important for the early development of the baby.

You'll have to say you lost a packet of levo if your prescription is due.

To be honest, I think I'll just have to go back in and keep pestering them but take an increased dose of Levithyroxine anyway to cover myself. I'd rather do that than nothing at all.

I have no idea how long it will take from the midwife appointment to the specialist appointment (if I even get referred!) either. So frustrating. I can't believe how drs can treat us like this.

Your GP is not following NHS Guidelines for treating pregnant women with hypothyroidism.

Read these pages :

Click on the grey/dark blue/light blue tabs on the left side of the screen to see the various sections and pick the bits that relate to you.

Your levo should have been increased immediately, without waiting for test results. Your baby doesn't have a functioning thyroid in the very early stages of pregnancy and has to rely on your thyroid hormones. This is why you need to have plenty for you both, and why it is important not to wait for test results.

The fact that you have just started T3 is going to muddy the waters though - your test results won't look like the results of someone just taking levo.

I've never read up on the effects of T3 on pregnancy so I'm afraid I can't help with that.

humanbean in reply to humanbean

P.S. If you want to print this info out, be very careful. The page is actually enormous and covers the entire subject of hypothyroidism. The tabs just display little bits of it at a time so it isn't obvious that you'll get so much stuff being printed.

Take a screen shot instead, and print that!

unfortunately I cant advise , but please take my congratulations to both of you and I hope you are looking forward to your arrival in the fullness of time and fully enjoy every second of the next [ 20- 50 ] years .....alan xxxxxx

lauracp in reply to alangardner

Thank you Alan x

Hi humanbean, I did take the NICE guidelines in with me and mentioned having my dosage increased and regular testing but the GP told me that 'too many cooks spoil the broth' and that she wouldn't look to increase my dosage as I should be managed solely by the midwife or specialist and not several people. As such she didn't want to do anything and I would need to see the midwife.

My partner and I have spoken at length and agreed to stop the T3 altogether due to it affecting any tests I may have and to wait until Friday. If I don't have call from the midwife by then, I will arrange to go into the Drs again on Monday with print outs of NICE guidelines (not just on my phone) and push for a dosage increase with a different doctor.

Thanks so much for the help. I find this forum to be so valuable.

Hi, and congratulations! I'm also pregnant with thyroid disease.

Clinical knowledge summaries says that generally the dose of levothyroxine is increased by 30%-50% in the first trimester. It also mentions referral to a specialist. I've certainly been referred now, but initially it wasnt easy, so you might want to take a print out of the page at this link with you when you see the GP:

Hope this helps!

GP was absolutely rubbish, i created a massive fuss and managed to get my bloods done 2 weeks ago but no dosage increase as well within range.

My midwife is much more informed though and promised I'd be referred and have my bloods taken monthly. Still waiting for endo referral but only had my booking last week (got it early after again making a fuss)

I hate that I've had to be so forceful but otherwise nothing would happen!!

Congratulations on being pregnant too :)

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