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I have just found out that I am expecting my third child. I became hypo after my second child was born 6 years ago. For the past year i have felt amazing and my hypo has been manged really well by my new gp.

My question really is has anyone else had similar to me and how did you feel compared to your other pregnancies?

I'm worried that this one will be harder on my body and my other children will suffer. Also did your child have any health issues because of your hypothyroidism?

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I am glad your hypo is managed well by your GP and good news you are having a third baby. He will probably care for you well during your pregnancy.

I am sure someone will reply who has been in a situation such as yours.

didi30 in reply to shaws

Thank you

Hi, and congratulations!

I began treatment immediately before my first daughter was conceived. I know its not the same as you, as my thyroxine was titrated during my first pregnancy. I felt rubbish and sick during both my pregnancies - but that's probably normal for me. My girls are both absolutely fine. I felt amazing after the births and not tired at all.

I read that you do need a dose increase during early pregnancy (25mcg extra a day is normal), and took this myself. Not all GPs are aware of this, but my endocrinologist confirmed I was correct. Even if you feel OK now, I'd query getting a dose increase for during pregnancy as it is apparently really important for the early development of the baby.

Another thing that can happen (and did for me) is big babies. I had two 10+ pounders! If your body isn't making enough thyroxine, your baby starts to make it for you and it grows. This isn't a problem for mother or child (unlike gestational diabetes, which has the same effect and can cause problems), but does result in the baby growing big. I'm not sure if this still happens if you are very well controlled, but it may be worth considering if it looks like you're big. The only problem there could be during delivery and after effects for you. I had one section and one natural homebirth. Both my babies were well and breastfed easily.

Both these facts (dose increase and big babies) are not well known by the medical profession, so don't be surprised if your GP or obstetrician have never heard about them. An endocrinologist should be able to confirm the need for a dose increase though.

Hope you have a fabulous pregnancy, and congratulations. Please don't worry, it will all be fine I'm sure!


Wow 10lb. My heaviest was 7.13 and i thought that was big. I always feel awful during pregnancy anyway. I've just got an appointment to see my gp anyway and its my nice one.

It's a relief to know your girls are healthy. All I seem to find on the internet are horror stories and its making me panic.


I'm no midwive/doctor but I do know that:

You should be referred to an endocrinologist if you are pregnant and expect more bloodtest to keep an eye on your thyroid levels and an increase in levo will be needed especially in your 1st trimester as your baby won't make its own thyroid horone yet so will take yours.

I'm sure it will be fine and don't read too much into the stories on the intermeweb its usually the rare cases not the positive stories you will find. There are some midwives on this forum if you ever need reassurance though.

didi30 in reply to Duchy82

Thank you. My gp is checking my levels again even though they were onlh done last month. Will more than likely have to have them done monthly and she does think I'll need at least another 25mcg increase. I've got to double my vitamin D too. I feel a bit better now.

Hello,i am in a kind if similar situation;i became hypo/hashis after my 1st preg 13yrs ago but have only once been offered meds(long time ago when tsh was out range)and at the time declined it as wanted find nat solution if poss.My first preg was v good,felt great until last couple of months or so when didnt 'feel right'(and baby was move v little and stopped at one point;but scan showed still alive).Now i am 3months preg w 2nd child and it has been a hell of a worry from nr the start.At 6wks i got severe palpitations and then a bit of bleeding w q bad abdominal discomfort/fatigue(scan however was normal).It did get better gradually over then next wk or so but still have had tummy discomfort/fatigue and now over the past wk my heart seems to be straining again;(and i have low blood pressure an pulse anyway.)Because i am still not med and my health is q poor i was even consideribg whether it was best to terminate;i just dont know if i am putting my life on the line.But i cannot bring myself to do that without being more sure of the danger;so am continuing w preg;trying to be more 'positive' but i know that i need to get thyroid meds one way or another to have a better chance of being well enough to cope rest of preg and after.If u r feeling q well and r on meds sounds like u will be fine.About what u asked about child being affected by mum hypo;what i know is that my 13yr old has some issues w adrenals and thyroid.Hope i havnt scared u as everyone is different;but i share/understand ur being concerned.All the best w ur bump.x

didi30 in reply to cloud1

Wow so sorry your having a rough time with it all.Sounds like you need medication asap. Hypothyroidism runs in my familyso I wouldn't be surprised if any of my children develop it. Do you have a midwife yet? My gp told me yesterday that once I see her that I should then be under the consultant to and see them at least every 4 weeks and check my bloods regular too.

Oh,yes i saw her today actually!she did say that a consultant at the hospital,i think,will keep an eye on my levels..thing is i dont know at what level they would agree to treat(i know that preg ref ranges should be slightly different from usual.Its not constantly bad but when it is, its scary.felt bit more positive today after hearing baby's heartbeat(priceless);she tried to reassure me that abdominal pains and palps r a normal part if many pregnancies;but she is under the premise that i am borderline hypo whereas all my symptms definately say otherwise;its just bit difficult to distinguish how much these preg problems r usual and how much is the hypo.But,as is well known,preg is a 'stress test' for the thyroid.I am considering self-med w ndt as cant afford go private and wait for the nhs to med mite be 'too late'.I know that i need the meds and i want to at least have the chance so c if it can help me cope better through the preg and after(also crucial as worrying that without meds i could be even worse health after preg.)Sorry to go on;its ur thread..

didi30 in reply to cloud1

Lol thats fine I don't mind. We're all here to share our stories. When did you last have your levels checked ? I had mine done last month and t4 was 13.4 tsh 5.6. My gp thinks I should have another 25 increase just because of the baby even though I'm feeling well. Do you know what yours are at all?

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