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Well I have been diagnosed with underactive thyroid since March 2013 and on levothyroxine 100 mg per day. I was sent to a specialist ( ENT) in February this year after having a hoarse voice and vocal problem for 4 months. Nothing bad was found just a little bruising left from what was thought to be a vocal " injury" since I have always been an enthusiastic and regular singer. The change in my vocal sound was very sudden one day last November.

I was advised by the consultant to find a vocal coach and so I did and have been getting some restorative therapy for the voice and advised it will take a long time to heal. I still get hoarse when I am talking / speaking for a long time and when singing I still experience a jarring sound on certain notes which I have never had prior to the " injury. I sometimes think there has been an improvement but sometimes feel it is never going to improve. I am wondering if anyone else has had the same experience whether a singer or not and whether this is linked to the thyroid problem or not - Noone has been able to confirm this to me.

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Catjane, did you have an ultrasound scan to see whether your thyroid is swollen? Nodules and goiters can cause hoarseness if they compress the windpipe. Vocal chord injury can be suffered during partial or complete thyroidectomy but this doesn't appear to be the reason for you.


I have had an under active thyroid for years. "Whole thyroid" is what we should take. Have the tablet an hour away from other drinks and food. Only take 2 sips of water with the pill. No side effects with "whole thyroid".

Apparently free on the NHS. Not in New Zealand!


Frankincense is good for the thyroid.


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