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Thyroid intermittent swelling

Can someone help me? My thyroid swells intermittently & when its up its visible & causes my voice to be hoarse & Im weepy & feel really odd! Dizzy, all over the place ... Hard to say really. ENT consultant confirmed goiter, looked at my vocal chords & said they were perfect so ordered a biopsy but when i saw the consultant at the thyroid clinic he disagreed & said it was just muscle ... He said my tsh was 1.94 ( up from 1.57) smack bang in middle of values though... So completely normal & sobit couldnt be thyroid related. Have a scan next month but am worried in case thyroid goes fown agsin & theyre going to ghink its sll my imagination again.... Its taken so long to get here! :( any thought?

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I had this for years, but was assured by endos and the ENT chap (who diagnosed acid reflux and recommended Gaviscon) that it was not in any way thyroid related. Strangely enough, as soon as I started on levo, it disappeared!

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Hi Six, this is sad and uncalled for. It seems these may be autoimmune attacks and perhaps you have had them over the years. Maybe these videos will help explain which parts of the thyroid are affected.



I only have half a thyroid (no surgery, they think congenital). Huge symptoms of hypothyroidism, my half thyroid swells on off but frequent (mostly when feel worst). Endo bloods within range so Endo not interested tbh.



I would say that the swelling coming and going could be down to antibodies. I had very raised TPO's after feeling very unwell and raised TSH. NHS endo offered no treatment. I researched and went gluten and lacto free and reducec my antibodies. I still get occasional discomfort/slight swelling in thyroid area. I would say get your TPO checked. TSH 1.94 not good in my opinion. needs to be 1 or lower. Maybe change your doctor or ask louise warvill for her list of suitable endocrinologists. I also suffred with hoarse/deeper voice. The biggest problem is that symptoms come and go and you feel like a raging hypochondriac because the situation keeps changing. Don't rely on your GP for answers! Hope this helps you decide/find out what your problem is!


It does help a lot actually. Thank you for taking the time to reply. It's great to hear from someone who doesn't think you're nuts!


I often used to think that I was a raging lunatic until I came on this site and found people who were experiencing exactly the same symptoms as me. The symptoms were certainly a bit off the wall at times but as long as other people have them, I don't worry any more. I call Hashimoto's the Jekyll and Hyde disease .!


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