Gluten free challenge

I've been gluten free for 9 weeks now. The most marked difference is that the sore, heavy pressure choking feeling in my neck went away. Last night I was out for a meal and had a very small morsel of bread. Today my neck is back to feeling pressured and sore again. Is it even possible that this could be because I ingested gluten? I was 100% gluten free and feel annoyed with myself that I have made myself unwell for no reason

Is it possible that a small nibble coukd have made me deteriorate like that?


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Yep. We need to be absolutely strictly gluten free. It takes a bit of getting use to. But personally I feel so much better, I don't even consider it now.

All below explain why & how

Amy Myers

Immune system recovery plan by Susan Blum

Isabella Wentz - Thyroid Pharmacist

Is a GF diet just for people with Hashimotos or all hypos? 😄

Recommended for anyone with an autoimmune issue - eg psoriasis, vitiligo, type one diabetes, MS, graves

That's correct my young granddaughter Type 1 Diabetic follows G/F x

I was born with psoriasis. Pity no-one knew GF was good idea back then!

I might not have gone on to develop Hashimoto's.

But I suspect giving up smoking was main catalyst (like many others)

Bless you and I empathise wholeheartedly x I had childhood rheumatoid arthritis, and with what I know now- can see my thyroid issues dating to way back then. It is sad when the only life you get has been dogged with ill health due to lack of knowledge etc. On a positive note cures are being discovered all the time, and I am thankful that I wasn't born in the Victorian times.. Been watching the recent TV series and it's alarming. x

I have to thank you for this post, I have similar issues, hope you recover well and look forward to reading other responses. Lou

Wow, thanks for the info. I have been having a sore, heavy pressure/choking feeling in my neck for a while now. I was diagnosed as having an under-active thyroid many years ago and about 2 yrs ago had my levothyroxin decreased from 150 mcg to 125 mcg which I felt was a mistake as I regularly feel tired/exhausted and also often get "flu-like" symptoms. Will try gluten-free for sure.

You might gain small increase in effectiveness by taking Levo at night (if you don't do so already)

Vitamin C and selenium supplements can help too

Also make sure vitamin D, B12, folate & ferritin are at GOOD level.

Long research article - final conclusion paragraph below

"In conclusion, bedtime intake of levothyroxine in our study significantly improved thyroid hormone levels. This may be explained by better gastrointestinal bioavailability at night or by less uptake interference by food or medications. As shown in this study, bedtime administration is more convenient for many patients. Clinicians should inform their patients about the possibility of taking levothyroxine at bedtime. A prolonged period of bedtime levothyroxine therapy may be required for a change in QOL to occur."

Just do it x you won't regret it... wish I'd been aware years ago x

I conquer. I too am gluten free and every time I cheat I pay for it, even if just a little gluten. I also rely heavily on eating a lot of turmeric in my diet, ginger and I daily consume a glass of organic farm raised goats milk and organic tart cherry juice daily. Plus gluten free everything. It has become a major way of life along with many different kinds of teas, berries, consistent purified water throughout the day and vegetarian (not to be confused with vegan...I love my eggs and occasional fish)

Hope this helps. Blessings...Becca

Yes, I have kefir (fermented yoghurt) daily to increase gut bacteria. Plus banana for potassium.

Thanks for reminding me about turmeric.

No, I never confuse vegan and vegetarian, having been vegetarian for many years, I am now vegan, and not having dairy has helped my asthma so much. I was just looking up " other reasons for flu-like symptoms" can came across and article about a woman who has hypothyroidism and had flu-like symptoms for 14 years!

I have been taking St John's Wort for depression. Does anyone know if it interferes with levothyroxine? And thanks for the advice about taking it at bedtime. I will try that too. It think it might be time to be more determined at GP visit, instead of being fobbed off.......

Yep! Stay away from it. It's toxic for people like us.

Yes! I swell like a balloon if I have even a morsel :(

I soo miss bread but it's just not worth it. I now take Schar brown ciabatta rolls with me when I go out so I'm not tempted. They are suprisingly good.

I've also found the nightshade group to be particularly bad. Potato,tomato,aubergine...

Hurts my joints terribly and also gives me very sore gums bizarrely.

They contain soya protein.

It may not be the gluten but rather the pesticides and GMOs namely glyphosate that you are allergic to... 70% of grains in US are contaminated.

I have been in denial about gluten for a long time. When I finally went gluten free it did not take many days before I started feeling better.

Now I an also dairy, meat and sugar free! My mood is better, less joint pain, sleeping better, and no lump in my throat.

I am not hypothyroid "on paper", have had ALL tests, antibioties, hormones , vitamins tested. I am slightly low in vit D, taking supplements & do take Deplin for MTHFR gene (folic acid) My Endo suggests 30mg Armour to see if it helps my depression (meds never helped me) tapering off of these. Also take Adderall for the brain fog & exhaustion. hair loss, excema, always cold & exhausted, I'd be sleeping 18 hours without the Adderall. Any thoughts on this? And should I try gluten free or be food sensitivity tested first? Also on low dose birth control so there are many variables. Any insight would be appreciated! I'm only 21 and haven't felt "right" in years, also in college & struggling because of these symptoms. I feel like I'm 80. Have not started Armour 30mg. I'm afraid of more hair loss & other possible side effects.

Maybe it's the birth control pills, when I was young I tried 5 different ones all made me v unwell. In the end I had to come off them and have a coil fitted.

I've considered this, as the birth control being the problem. I've only been on it 5 months & have felt "not right" before then. But thanks for your response, I will keep that possibility in mind.

I am on the 30 Whole regime at the moment which is dairy, sugar, bread free, lots of protein in meat/fish/eggs, salads, veggies and fruit. It states if you have even a tiny morsel of what you should not eat you knock your body's attempt to detoxify and you have to go back to day one again. You then introduce very slowly other foods you normally eat to find out what is causing you health issues. Obviously wheat is not agreeing with you Lulu but it is good you have found out by abstaining then eating, this is what the Whole 30 is all about.

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