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Help with antibody result please?

I had vit/min tests done but the antibody one didn't come in at the same time. This is it.

Thyroid peroxidase antibody level(XaDvU) normality above range. Result, 93.5(0.0-35.0). Outside normal range.

Is this ok? And also, my feet have suddenly started hurting to stand on when I get out of bed and stand on them? Takes a few steps before I step in a normal way. Errr? Hummm.....no idea why at all. Any thoughts would be appreciated. On either of those thing.

Ps. After the advice on the vitamins and mineral tests I am now taking some B12 tablets. Thank you for that advice.

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Oh! I forgot to say that I also had an ultrasound scan on my throat as I have some throat problems ant there are no nodules, swellings or anything the chap could see. He said that is good news. So that's good. He doesn't know why the swelling, bitter thing happens.

Pleased I haven't got anything else to worry over. :)


Watching this post as my level was over but on the low side too, endo actually said "antibody levels don't affect how you feel" ?! My tsh is very suppressed so I assume my antibodies are lower because of that... He wouldn't diagnose anything other than he's adamant I'm over medicated :/ x


I have had plantar fasciitis very painful sole of the foot in the heel, very painful when first standing getting out of bed or after sitting for a period. I was helped in the long term by exercises to stretch that part of the foot and by shoe inserts with padding in the acute phase. Lots of help on the web via google. If this is what you have be assured it will get better but unfortunately takes time.

Good luck hope you feel better soon.


Thank you ladies for your responses. Hoping someone will shed some light on the numbers for me when they have a moment too. Have a good day, and once again, thanks.


Have you read this page on Thyroid UK, Northie?



No I haven't. I'm still finding my way around really. I will go and look there. My apologies for not doing that first. Thank you for taking the time to answer. I didn't mean to waste anyone's time.

I hope your week is good.


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