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Anyone take Wellwoman vitamins?

Just wondering if anyone takes Wellwoman vitamins?

I bought some earlier as it listed all the things I thought I ought to be boosting as a hypothyroid woman, so I just thought I'd ask if anyone had any experience or thoughts about them?

They have vitamin D in them & I am already on prescribed vitamin D (800iu 2-3 times a day) but as I understand it it's quite hard to OD on D as it were so I figured if I stick to 2 of my prescribed tablets plus this then I'd be getting a good range of other stuff.

I was recently tested for b12, iron & folate too - I don't have a print out of the results yet but they were all within range albeit some at the lower end.

Looking forward to hearing what others think (this forum is great!)


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Pawnstarr, it is possible to OD on vitD but it's unlikely to happen if you're taking less than 8,000iu daily. I'm not familiar with WW vits so can't comment.


Just checked the specific contents... The total would be 2400iu, as it contains 800iu the same as my tablets so should be ok - I am having my levels checked again in October so they'll soon tell me if it's too much I guess!


Yes I take their over 50 ones now and have used them for some years. I did research them and they got good reviews. I think Dr Miriam Stoppard recommended them for PMS can't say it stopped it for me but I was probably hypo even then and NDT might have helped. I take 400iu Vit d3 a day - I became very deficient this year - and there is the same again in the vitamins but I don't think that is an excessive dose. Hope they help you.


Less PMT would be a definite bonus for sure!!


I use them. The reviews seemed good & i haven't noticed any problems with them.


That's not exactly a high dose of vit D.


I take them and find they are great and I feel really alive and active


Didn't work for me i took them for years, i now take separate high strength bits as outlined in thyroiduk info


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