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Money money money

Money money money

Morning all

This isn't a surprising or shocking post just more evidence about cost over condition.

Husband and I went to GPs about sterilisation options (with a view at the end to ask for endo referral) which went well without judgment. However he admitted that although there are several options cost will dictate what they can offer. This wasn't surprising to me but quite so to husband (who has went to the docs once in the 10 years I've known him).

Similarly when I asked about a referral he questioned why. I told him I felt I wasn't doing well on thyroxine and had raised the t3 option with another GP and got battered down. Cost. However he is writing to my endo for advice.

Millions are being spent on cosmetic surgery each year (I believe £52million on boob jobs alone in 2013) but we are derided for asking for medication or treatment that could make our quality of life so much better? Och well, here's a nice picture of a hotel in Chester I'm visiting for work. Lots of crims there including a dodgy dealing fox. Maybe your gp should be on there? X

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As you say, nothing new here - I cannot tolerate synthetic t4. NHS will not prescribe NDT, a medication critical to life. And so it goes.


It would be great if one wasn't doing well on levothyroxine at least to be offered some T3 to add to the T4 or a trial of an alternative. The BTA guidelines are the sticking point - they say nothing but levothyroxine.

Nice picture too of hotel.


Hi pennyrose, I self-medicate with T3, the nhs gives me T4 125 daily, felt still as bad as ever for 11 years, but with the addition of T3 this July, 50 daily in 4 split doses, I feel so much better. I get it in Crete, I go there to visit my friend, oh dear soooo expensive lol....1 euro 16 cents per pack of 30 x 25iug...

There is absolutely no excuse as to cost, it's pennies per dose, and what health advantages... The NHS is criminal!!


Completely agree. It makes absolutely no sense! Apparently my T3 costs over £110 per month to the can this be? Where are they buying it from? Space aliens? Is it made from gold extract?

Totally bizarre.

Never been to Crete but by NHS standards it would be cheaper from them to fly us there and buy the prescription :) x

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lol, it's utterly ridiculous isn't it!! Hey you should go have a holiday there, lovely place, I go near Chania, went in October last year, then in July, a paid hol from my kids, a bday pressie, then I took one of my girls for 2 weeks in September, but I got an appartment for us this time. Fantastic food, love the food markets, warm sea, lovely weather, lovely people.

I think that the NHS is forced to buy it from certain outlets, but it's completely ludicrous, no wonder the NHS is broke!!!


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