Feeling happy

Hi all, my husband had a thyroid storm Sept last and was very ill but thankfully has recovered.

We went today to see the Endocrinologist at our local hospital for his checkup. I have Hashimotos myself and haven't been feeling very well for the last 6mths even though my gp thinks everything is normal ( usual story) anyway after chatting to my hubby I asked him about myself.

He asked permission to go into my notes. He said my tsh is fluctuating and that I would prob feel better with it at 1 or below. I said I had already asked my doc for an increase but refused. He shook his head and said " I don't believe in normal reference ranges if symptoms are persisting".

I swear I could've cried. He said he would treat me and to ask for referral. He also mentioned T3 and all other vitamins and electrolytes aswell as full cealiac profle.

I was so grateful I hugged him lol he was such a lovely man and very hunky haha. So now I can't wait to tell my useless doc tomorrow that I want a referral. I just don't understand how GPs are so rigid with ranges they are keeping so many ppl ill. So fingers crossed I can make this happen. Feeling more hopeful today.

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  • Could you PM with your Endo please

  • Bear10 I live in Northern Ireland and he doesn't do private work. I will be referred through the NHS.

    Where do you live?

  • Dorset!

  • It won't be possible Bear10 as you are not in in my area. Sorry. X

  • Hi Annette 12. thats great news for you. im in co antrim can you pm me his details please. i am quite new to all this but can see already from reading here that my gp is not clued up and i can ask for a referral.

    Best wishes x

  • Annette, Way to go! Sounds a lovely man. I hope your appointment comes through quickly.

  • I know Clutter. I just thought well if i don't ask I won't get. He def knew his stuff and seemed genuinely concerned. He even said he will look at my B12 Whooo. !!!! Yes I hope it's quick clutter and just a pity he doesn't do private work I would've paid to see him.

  • What a fab thing to happen.

    I hope it all follows through and you get what you wish for.


  • Thank you Flower I hope so.!!!!

  • annette12,

    Silly comments time - has he been reading here? Is he a member? :-)

  • Haha Halvella he must be. I nearly flaked it when he said it.!! I think all GPs should be on this site. Cant wait to see my GPs face lol.

  • So pleased for you. Knowledge and compassion = jackpot! If he had the same rubbish training he must have taken it upon himself to learn thyroid chemistry properly. :-)

  • Thats great hope it all works out xo

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