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So today I went to gp!

Refused a referral to endo!

Asked for T3 trial following my medic heck’s results. Outright no due to cost

However you could go to a private endo or gp but couldn’t tell me where to find one!

15 years of feeling awful and hopeless only one drug offered which is clearly not working for me but no other option!

What Can I do? I seriously can’t keep living my so called life like this anymore!

Advice given sign thyroid uk petition and contact my MSP

Why didn’t I think of this of course this will make me feel much better.

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Before you consider T3 you need an increase in your Levo to get your TSH down to 1 or below and your free Ts higher in range according to your results in your previous thread:

Thyroid stimulating hormone 2.07 range 0.27-4.20

Free thyroxine 12.4 range 12.00-22.00

Total thyroxine T4 82.3 range 59.00-154.00

Free T3 3.27 range 3.10-6.80


You also need to address the Hashi's confirmed by your raised antibodies:

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies *49.6 range 0.00-34.00


Your folate should be half way through it's range:

Folate (serum) 14.87 range 2.91-50.00


Your Vit D should be between 100-150:

25 OH Vitamin D 76.4 range 50.00-200.00


Your Ferritin meds to be at least 70 for any thyroid hormone to work:

Ferritin 25.6 range 13.00-150.00


All mentioned in reply to your previous thread.

Best sort those out before doing anything about T3, you may not even need it.

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Ok so how do I raise folate level

I’m already supplementing vit D

And what about ferritin have cut out gluten? Sorry for the continued questions but I’m really struggling

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Eating leafy greens can help raise folate, but a good B Complex containing methylfolate will do the job. My folate was bottom of range and I raised it to top of range within 2.5 months by taking 1 x Thorne Basic B daily.

How much Vit D are you currently taking? And what sort of supplement? And do you take D3's important cofactors K2-MK7 and magnesium? Magnesium helps D3 to work.

With your ferritin level you could discuss with your GP. I was offered iron tablets in prescription for a level of 39 but I prefer to raise my by eating liver regularly, maximum 200g per week.

But what you have to do is address what is possibly a gut/absorption problem which is very common with Hashi's and causes low nutrient levels and deficiencies. Check out the links in this reply by SlowDragon



'Eating leafy greens can help raise ferritin'

Think you might mean folate, there, not ferritin. :)


LOL!!! Yes of course, thanks GG. I'm having a head MRI scan soon, do you think there is any danger of them finding a brain :D

I'll edit just in case anyone takes me at my word!!!


Ah, bit of a brain fart! We all have them. :D

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Dark leafy greens are good for iron, too! :-)


Depends. From some of them, like spinach, you can't absorb the iron.

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Befores supplementing, I always seemed to feel better for eating broccoli & cavolo nero.

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I second SeasideSusie's advice to take Thorne Basic B. My folate and B12 are great now although I started by taking sublingual methylcobalamin for a year and methylfolate for 3 months before I found out about Thorne Basic B.


The day I gave up on Doctors was the first day of my recovery.

Your dr is not interested!

Whereabouts do you live? I run the Midlands thyroid support group but there are others around the country.

It’s about taking your own health into your own hands. Getting all of your ducks in a row, we are all different, you can find what is best for you.

Nutrition is key, your body will work much better getting rid of as many toxins as possible. No fluoride, plastics, microwave, then using natural deodorant, bodycare, laundry care. NO antibacterial soaps and sprays.

You can get better!



Thanks just feeling so hopeless I’m in North East Scotland between Aberdeen and Inverness.


Aha I have a thyroid friend in Aberdeen, met her on another thyroid forum years ago - let me have your email address and I will give it to her. I cannot remember her name on this forum? It would be good to have a chat.



Hi Chippy

Is there a Thyroid Support Group in the NW (Manchester/ Cheshire?) Thanks!


Thanks, I have made a note, please edit your post to remove your email address.


Thanks for all this feedback folks here is what i take daily.

225 thyroxine as soon as I get up.

Folic Acid 400ug mid morning

Vitamin B1 100mg also mid morning

Probiotics 200mg at lunch along with Zinc 40mg

Vitamin D3 1000 iu at teatime

Selenium 100mcg and 2x magnesium 500mg before bedtime.

Is this ok or should I do something different?


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