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Re-post, help with adrenal stress results please

Hi, I tried to send an attachment with this message last night, but the attachment didn't get through, so I'm posting the results at the bottom of this message.

I'm on T4/T3 combo (75/20) and have been for several years, but continued to have symptoms, so a couple of years ago I went to see one of the docs on the TUK list for some help. I've done 3 adrenal stress tests, the first in Feb 2013 and the third Aug 2014 and the results of these two are below. The second test is in my private doc's records, but I seem to remember him saying they were worse than the first. My doc has had me on DHEA for several months, and it looks to me like the third test shows things are worse rather than better. He says however, that everything is fine, and I should continue to take DHEA as well as the Nutri Adrenal I'm on, but I'm not so sure, so I've stopped DHEA. I wonder what others think? The symptoms are rapid heart beat, extreme anxiety, worsening of tinnitus and sinus pain and feeling as if my head's going to explode with pressure! I should go back to the doc, but I'm afraid I've lost a bit of faith in him now, and would be grateful for your views. Many thanks, LB

Feb 2013

cortisol levels

1 - 13.5 (in range)

2 - 5.5 (in range)

3 - 2.3 (low, outside range)

4 - 2.8 (in range)

total daily 24.1

DHEA levels

sample 2 - 0.1 in range

sample 3 - 0.07 low, outside range

DHEA/cortisol ratio 0.35 low

Aug 2014

cortisol levels

1 - 8.5, low, outside range

2 - 5.3 in range

3 - 2.9 outside range

4 - 3.5 high, outside range

total daily cortisol 20.2 low, outside range

DHEA levels

sample 2 - 0.50 in range

sample 3 - 0.33 in range

DHEA/cortisol ratio 2.05 High, outside range

The note that came with this latest reading was: adrenal fatigue - non-adapted response. This general indicates falling levels of both cortisol and DHEA from excessive stimulation/secretion over long periods of time. It can also reflect the effects of exogenous use of DHEA in adrenal exhaustion states after several months of DHEA supplementation.

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I think I've read that DHEA will sort itself out if you treat the cortisol levels. I know I tried DHEA and it didn't make me feel any different, so I stopped. I treat cortisol instead.

With cortisol levels like yours and as you already take T3, have you looked at the Circadian T3 Method - Paul Robinson has a book all about it and that, I believe, helps some people to sort out their cortisol levels.


Thanks Rosetrees, I have Paul's book and I will look at it again. Because I'm on quite a low dose of T3 I think it would be difficult to split it any more. LB


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