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Dear all,

I made a post after seeing a very strange doctor who recommended some homoeopathic remedy's for me and rosemary baths. I said I would report back after a month. It was interesting. After about two weeks of his regime I suddenly became very well. I was very alert and energetic and have never felt better in my life. Sadly this only lasted a week and a relapsed into being my usual lethargic self. I have since increased my Armour to 2 grains and feel no better for it. The strange doctor has told me to repeat his treatment for another month. Dr Skinner said when I saw him the once that it would take a long time for me to get better. I am thinking of switching from Armour to something else partly because its price has been raised and because of lack of response. Any recommendations

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  • I've not tried Armour so can't comment on that but have tried Efra and Thyroid s, personally I found Thyroid s more effective, I'm not well by any means but it does seem to suit me better. I developed a very bad itch the first time I tried Efra between 2 fingers and it did not go away until after I changed back to Thyroid s.

    If you go to a well known auction site and tick worldwide search you should be able to find it.

    Hope it helps

  • Hi Mandyjane

    About two months ago I suffered a bad attack of sciatica and the Priest at the Catholic Church I attend told me he had also been suffering from sciatica and went to an Indian gentleman in a chemist in Upminster Essex and had been told to take a homeopathic remedy and that his sciatica had gone. He told me to go along and see him which I did and the very old Indian gentleman prescribed Kali Phosphorcum 6X which I have been taking and I can honestly say it has really helped me. I do not think these remedies will cure ailments but they have certainly helped me and now I hardly ever take it. My brother also was suffering from very bad arthritis and i told him to go and see the gentleman in the chemist which he did and within six weeks his pain completely went. I daresay it will come back again, but he said he feels so much better now. I just thought I would let you know all this. I do hope that perhaps homeopathic medicine can help you.

    Marguerite9 xx

  • I'd be grateful if you could tell me what your brother took since I also suffer from arthiritis



  • Hi Jeanne

    My brother took the same remedy that i used and it is called Kali Phosphoricum 6X and it is a homoepathic remedy. I do not for one instance think it will cure arthritis but it certainly helped him because he was at one time in so much pain and now he says he feels good but I dare say the arthritis will flare up again but it is nice to know that one can take a homoepathic remedy instead of drugs. I do sincerely hope it will help you.

    Marguerite9 xx

  • also known as potash

  • Gosh I put that on my allotment as a fertilizer I wonder if the benefit goes into the plants I grow and eat! Hope so :-)

  • A rosemary bath sounds lovely and relaxing. I wish my ancient bones could get into a bath or more importantly get out! did it help you to sleep better? I agree with you though that you need to get your medication right for you. I am on Levo so no recent experience with NDT so can't help you there but did Dr Skinner give any indication as to why it was going to be a long time to recover? I'm not saying this is the case with you but sometimes we get a little impatience waiting for things to happen. Hope someone comes along and gives you some good suggestions. Have you got some recent bloods you could post with the ranges, that may well help others to give you informed advice. Good luck! I'm currently looking for someone to keep me on track following Dr Skinners untimely death and its going to take me time to trust someone else.

  • Gosh what I would give for a long soak!



  • Dr Skinner said it would take a long time because I have been an untreated hypo for thirty years.

  • Thought that might well be the case! Poor you. It may we be then that even increasing your dose you won't show/feel any improvement for a while. The other problem or course that you may feel you can do a little bit more and do in real terms not be that aware that something is starting to work so at times it could feelike one two steps forward and one step back. I would be tempted to stick with what you are taking with just a small increase rather than try something knew which you have no idea on how you may react. Keep posting your progress and I'm sure you will then get helpful comments on whether its working for you. May be someone else will share their experiences on being under treated for so long.

  • I've also had some success with homeopathy over the years but, like you, the improvements were only temporary.

  • Hi MandyJane,

    I have tried many natural remedies for my thyroid problems but like you the relief never lasted. I also tried NDT Porcine, this was great and had a wonderful response but had to stop it as it began giving me chronic nausea after one month of taking it. I am now taking another supplement called "Bovine", this is also a NDT but it comes from a cow instead of a pig. I have been on this now for five months and even though the progress has been slower, ( Its not as potent) I am happy with it. Bovine is half the price of the Porcine also so this is a big help. I purchase this on line from USA, straight from manufacturer. Cost was, $32.00 AU for three months supply, 90 tabs. Not sure if this is of help to you but thought it worth mentioning. Blessings to you, and do hope you find a result soon.

  • hi there - could I ask, did you need a prescription for your bovine NDT?

  • No, which is another reason I love this. Don't really understand why not as it does state on the container that it is the whole thyroid and NDT

  • I found Naturethroid suited me and it is hypoallergenic too. I never tried Armour but did try another few.

  • I am seeing a homeopath for my thyroid and exhaustion / dizziness since having my second child. It has been great. She told me there is a rough rule of thumb which is 1 months treatment for every year that you have been unwell. I have been unwell on and off for nearly 20 years, so I am happy to see her every few weeks for a couple of years, considering the benefit I am getting from it. There is a difference though between a sort of 'first-aid' type homeopathy that you get over the counter eg. arnica always for bruises for everyone, and a more specific homepathy for treating underlying systemic imbalance, so if you find it beneficial it is worth having a detailed consultation (my first one was 2.5 hours with a detailed quesitonnaire beforehand). Good luck. A.

  • Hi mandyjane- I've used homeopathy for years to support my hypothyroidism with varying results. I'm an out patient at bristol homeopathic hospital. I now want to try NDT but haven't found a bristol based prrescribing doctor. Are you able to give me details of the doctor you saw?

    Thanks cyclemonkey

  • I also live in Bristol. His name is Dr Mendal and he works from the helios GP practice in Stoke Bishop. He told me that he would prescribe natural thyroxine but I have not got my supply from him yet

  • Sounds as if you're on an interesting journey here! Did your Strange Doctor offer any suggestions as to why you felt better and then relapsed? Does he know you're taking Armour alongside his preparations?

    Have you got your vital vitmains and minerals into a good place, to go with the Armour? Thyroidees tend to leach vits and mins and good quality supplements for the B vits (esp B12) the D vits (esp D3), Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc and Vit C might help the efficacy of your Armour. Have I missed any out, more knowledgeable peeps?

  • Doctor didn't say much just that he would send me a prescription for another month.

    I take all the b vits and B12, d3 with calcium, magnesium, selenium, cod liver oil and vit c. I don't take zinc as I took far too much of it as a young adult to try and get rid of spots. I wonder if I should try some again.

  • That all sounds good, Mandy. Jan is right about folate and ferritin/iron. I always forget that last one. Largely because I have mega-difficulties supplementing with it - but that's just me.

    Have you tried boosting your Adrenal glands? Again, there are supplements about which help. Googling or Amazoning (!) on 'Adrenal health' should throw up what you need.

    That and Gem's input below seems to be a range of good choices. I've heard Gem's thesis before - it does take a while for some.

    It looks like Dr Skinner was, sadly, right about it taking a while for you to feel better.

    Keep a log of what you do to help yourself, and how you felt. It's a pain - and you notice every little ache and feel like you're obsessing - but it helps you spot trends in how you are on what meds. Especially when, like you, you're trying lots of different treatments.

  • URGENT- Nothing happened with me at first with Armour. Then a month later felt worse. 8 weeks later WOW. This is consistent with 5 of my friends. Perhaps you should let the armour work first. As far as rosemary baths, I also get surges of energy and then nothing awhile. Consistency and patience is key to success here. Perhaps slowing down may be beneficial. What do you think?

  • 1 grain of Armour is a small dose. Look at the STTM page on mistakes patients make, and as Humphrey mentioned make sure you supplement where needed, also ferritin and folate. If you do a search on HU there is a list of vitamins/minerals which need to be at good levels to help thyroid medicine be absorbed. I am just about to reorder my Armour, didn't know it had gone up :(

  • Homeopathy is bunk. Bit relaxing in a bath will help any illnesses because you are relaxing... And stress causes most illnesses. So keep doing it but realize pills and potions are not likely to heal you. Your symptoms may improve but you must identify the cause of tour illness. In my case it was stress. While caused adrenal fatigue which caused low thyroid etc etc. I was on every hormone and thyroid meds you can think of. How did I get well? Left my high pressure job and learned how to meditate and tai chi and eating a lot of nourishing whole foods. No more thyroid pills needed, and last year I was on 4 grains...

  • 2 grains is still considered a small dose..maybe you just need more.

  • neeters I am sure some things can help. But for the most part I get what you are saying. Now that I am a year and a half into getting on the right dose of synthroid ....I am feeling so much better. I guess we are all trying to do our best! Susita

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