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Hi everyone. I hope you're having a nice Sunday. I am considering a couple of endocrinologists on the NHS as my GP does not know enough about Thyroid to even diagnose me properly. Dr Waterhouse at St Barts and Dr Conway at University College look promising in different ways. I am wondering if anyone on the boards has seen them and could message me privately to discuss? I am on Armour after an adverse reaction to Levothyroxine (extreme swelling) and feeling better but not quite there yet. I am 35 and still hanging on to hope to have another child in the next year or so desperately hoping can find someone who will help me get my symptoms under control. In addition to being hypothyroid I have quite severe adrenal symptoms and an inability to tolerate external stress. I just get overwhelmed and can't think/function. I am aware that just increasing my Armour may help but my GP is skittish about my low TSH (.01) and high t3 (7ish). Oh, and my symptoms seem to vanish when stress is removed (no work) and I can sleep about 12 hours a night... If only I could maintain that lifestyle!

Thanks in advance and hope you have a lovely day.


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Hi WinterRose, My son was under the care of Dr Conway at UCL about 15 years ago. We then saw local Endo and how I wish we had stayed at UCL. We began to see a local Endo as I was not up to travelling to London from Essex, due to being untreated for HypoT after having sub-total post Graves. We are going to GP tomorrow with a view to asking for referral back to this consultant. His care under UCL was very good, and I like that Dr Conway takes vits and mins into consideration now. Cannot help you with Dr Waterhouse, but wish you well in your endeavours to gain good health.

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Thank you j_bee! I wish you good luck getting back to UCL and have a lovely Sunday.


Winterose, have you been taking any supplements?

While waiting to see the endocrino perhaps try Thorne Research Stress B-Complex in the morning, and some good strength magnesium in the evening. 2 x 120 mg (elemental Mg) from Pure Encapsulations with Dinner.

Rub your hands and arms with few droplets of lavender oil just before you hit the pillow. All will help alleviate stress. Hope you'll feel better soon.


Thanks MelanieLondon. I take Nutri Adrenal which has lots of B vits but the magnesium seems a good idea. I've been trying rescue melts at night they seem to help a little.


My daughter has tried on 2 separate occasions to see dr Conway - the GP did 2 individual referrals & followed up with a telephone call but she has never seen him - always gets seen by other endos in his clinic


I see Prof Conway. I will PM you.


I requested Dr Conway via choose and bk but my appt came back to see Dr Hurel. When I queried this told Dr C is general endocrine and Dr H runs thyroid clinic. However, sec said if I was not happy with Thyroid clinic cd swap to Dr C. So went the Dr H route - did not see him - saw a female registrar who spent whole consult taking down copious notes and got ratty if I asked a question.. Going back for a blood test and thyroid scan later this mth but follow up appt. not till Nov. Jury still out whether this is a complete waste of time.


Thanks Caze


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