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Endos report


My Endo has sent me a report of my recent thyroid scan. He confirms - Not sinister. He sent one to my dear Dr. Which has a lot more information I believe. Am I entitled to all the information my doctor receives. If so how do you access medical records. This is only to put my mind at rest as I do not trust anyone. Endo may just want to remove thyroid if he can't regulate easily with CMZ in the future. Thank you for imput. Val

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Val, there is no online access to anything to do with my surgery where I live so I can't help with how you can access your medical records, hopefully someone else will. However, when I want a copy of anything, including a CT scan result, I just ask at reception and they print if off for me there and then (providing the doctor has already seen it), so you could just ask at your surgery and hopefully they will be as obliging as mine.

Vbgr in reply to SeasideSusie

Thank you, the receptionist prints off blood results without a problem. I will try for endo's letter as well. Val

Just ask the secretary for a copy.

Vbgr in reply to bantam12

thanks will do. Val

Hi SeasideSusie & bantam12,

the doc said the endo didn't want me to have the letter as he thought it might worry me. Endo sent me another letter saying there was not anything sinister in my scan. Obviously, the nodule is growing. How that will keep me from thinking that I don't have a problem I don't know. Will just leave it at that till my next appointment in two months. Val

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