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I seem to be sleeping better

now that I am using vitamin B12 patches. Previously, I was using a liquid B12 supplement, that really didn't seem to be doing anything at all.

The patches however, definitely seem to be doing something. They also seem to give me some energy during the day. Quite strange that they would also help to make me sleep for longer periods during the night. I'm also taking a couple of selenium tablets during the later part of the evening. (Instructions say to not take it with food, which is why I leave it till then.)

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It could be that the patches are working better for you as they also contain the other vitamin B's including Folic Acid. The latter works with the B12 together in the body. I could be wrong as not all patches contain the aforementioned.... or of course you could have been taking Folic Acid with the liquid B12 before....

I sleep like a baby after my weekly injection :-)

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Yes I forgot to mention these things do also contain folic acid. Having said that, isn't folate preferrable? I think I read somewhere that folic acid isn't the best way of getting vitamin B9.


Take a look at Clutter's comments on one of her posts about Folate v Folic Acid - just this morning !


Not aware of not taking selenium with food. I usually get to sleep when I want to but wake at various time in the night and find it very difficult to drop off again. I've been taking supplements for a while now and over all can feel an improvement but still think not converting too well. Will have to wait to see what the consultant thinks in October!


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